Centre for Arts and Technology (Kelowna Campus)



Centre for Arts and Technology is not your typical community college or university. The foundation was built over 30 years ago by leaders in both media training and educational excellence. The journey has been long with many different paths being bridged together – the end result is one of Canada’s leading colleges in digital arts and technical training. But we are more than hallways and classrooms, instructors and students. Centre for Arts and Technology is a community that is built through industry contacts and advancing technologies. It is a college that nurtures students along their educational journey, providing challenges and opportunities, mentorship and motivation, all while fostering a collaborative environment where students can reach their full potential.

Areas of Expertise

Today, we are recognized as one of the few schools that continually graduate successful students in the areas of filmmaking, animation, audio engineering, fashion design, event management, interior design, photography, graphic design, and network security.

Incoming Students

The Centre for Arts and Technology is Kelowna's only post-secondary institution offering programs in digital entertainment and information technology under one roof. The Centre is a PCTIA accredited school offering diploma and certificate programs in 3D animation, digital media design, event management, digital film, network security, audio engineering, video game design, fashion design, and interior design.

Career Planning

Our instructors are industry professionals. They teach you how to think and give you something substantial to think about. They are your springboard offering a broad range of knowledge gained and nurtured in their respective industries. They know exactly what you need to succeed and will show you how to use the power of digital technology to unleash the power of your vision. They will expose you to other industry professionals and help you develop the connections you need to meet your goal in order to get the job.


Throughout the year, the Student Services department plans a variety of campus events including, but certainly not limited, to pancake breakfasts, pumpkin carving contests, summer BBQ’s, local fundraisers, movie nights, fashion shows, video game events, student gatherings and more.


Studying in Canada is a wonderful choice for International students and international student life at the Centre for Arts & Technology will be an adventure of living, learning and making new friends. When asked to describe Canadians, visitors often use the word welcoming, and find their hosts polite and friendly. Canada’s ethnic diversity supports a society that values social equality, and most Canadians pride themselves on being open-minded about different lifestyles and beliefs. Canada's long history of immigration and economic diversification encourages open, honest communication, and international students will find it easy to make Canadian friends. Despite the country's vast size, there is a genuine sense of community that exists from coast-to-coast.

Campus Tour

Want to get a feel of what our campus is like in the flesh? Visit us and we'll give you a personalized tour of the campus! Call us at 1.866.860.2787 or email kelowna@digitalartschool.com to arrange your tour today!

Modified on August 25, 2016