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Bow Valley College's commitment to international education reflects Canada's diverse population and the increased global interdependence of economies, education, and information technologies. Our ambition is to provide the training, particularly the knowledge, skills, and intercultural understanding required by our students to succeed in an increasingly global workforce and to fill the role of global citizen within their own communities.

Bow Valley College's International Education program is one of the best in Canada. We are known for our commitment to academic excellence, our caring instructors and staff, and our friendly atmosphere. We have a variety of learning options for international students from our full-time International English Language Learning program, Extended Education, Academic Career programs, and Intercultural Communications programs for students with both long term and short term study goals.

Areas of Expertise

At Bow Valley College, our business is adult education. We provide services to a diverse range of learners in three distinct areas: Career Development, Academic Upgrading, and English as a Second Language. We deliver programs and courses that are tailored to the needs of our learners and the demands of their employment environments. We recognize prior learning experience, offer learners individualized instruction plans, and quickly customize training for businesses.

On Campus Housing

Bow Valley College does not have on-site housing.

Off Campus Housing

Learners of Bow Valley College may be eligible to apply to student housing at SAIT and Ambrose University.

Incoming Students

Bow Valley College takes pride in our campus services. For our students, they're an important part of succeeding in their field of study. Our services include counselling services, health services, academic accommodation for learners with disabilities, learning resource services, a bookstore, a cafeteria, and many more.

Career Planning

Our counsellors at Bow Valley College can help you with educational, career, and personal concerns, and explores accommodations for special needs. They can also help you explore appropriate programs and careers. All interviews are confidential. Please call (403) 410-1440 for more information.


Getting our students work-ready is one of our main goals at Bow Valley College. We offer our learners comprehensive resources to support them during their student life to ensure they succeed in the work place. At the same time, we offer our students exciting activities to immerse themselves in Canadian culture through a variety of on-campus and off-campus events and social activities. Visit our website for more details:


The Bow Valley College Student Association (BVCSA) is a body representing student concerns within the College, community, and province. They maintain an office on the second floor of the Main Campus where all Student Association Members are welcome.

The Students' Association offers students a number of services including student health and dental, support for extracurricular activities, The Voice available online on the Web site, the student handbook, and other services. Cultural, social, and recreational activities are scattered throughout the year to promote collegiality, and to provide students with educational and fun experiences. The Association also represents students to the College committees such as The Board of Governors, Academic Council, Students Awards, and more. The BVCSA is always looking for volunteers. It's a great way to meet new people and learn more about the College.

Information Technology

Bow Valley College has a state-of-the-art campus technology and computer labs, as well as computer-managed learning. All students have access to the internet and e-mail.


The International Students Club, supported by the Students Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) and the International Education Department, has been established to facilitate the integration of international students to Canada and BVC community. For more details visit:

Special Services

Bow Valley College takes special care to accommodate those students with special needs. The College is fully wheelchair accessible and we offer counselling services, health services, and specialized support for all students with disabilities. Also, Bow Valley College's Learner Support Services is also available to students. It is a fully integrated service area to help students with their studies. It offers support via technology, tutors, and resources. The area has 48 computer stations and a variety of resources available.

Affiliated Institutions

The University of Lethbridge

International Involvement

Bow Valley College hosts over 1,300 international learners in our Career and English Language Learning programs each year. Our campus community provides a truly global experience with learners from over 148 countries. Bow Valley College promotes intercultural engagement and collaboration both in and out of the classroom - essential skills in today's dynamic professional environments. Our commitment to skill development reaches across borders through our international community development work and overseas training. More information regarding these initiatives is available on our website.

Campus Tour

Campus tours are available upon request. Please contact us to schedule a tour.


Student Services: Our International Education Office is dedicated to supporting our international learners through every phase of their BVC experience, from enrollment to graduation. Our team is available to help students resolve uncertainties related to their enrollment, academics, learning pathways, living abroad, health insurance, eligibility to work, visas, etc. The International Education Office is closely aligned with other services offered at BVC to promote a fulfilling, rewarding student-life experience at Bow Valley College. We offer discounted memberships at a nearby fitness centre, counsellors and nurses, cafeteria and cafe lounge, tutors and learning support, and computers and computer-assisted learning. Our programs are delivered full-time, part-time, through self-directed study, and on-line to accommodate the needs of our diverse population.

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