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Selkirk College is a fully accredited public college in Canada’s province of British Columbia’s post-secondary education system. Selkirk College offers a full-time, comprehensive, English language program, as well as fully transferable first and second year university courses in arts and science, two year diploma programs in Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Digital Arts and New Media, Contemporary Music, and Technology. We also offer Advanced Diplomas in TESOL, GIS, and International Business.

Selkirk College has a tradition of over 40 years of successfully helping students achieve their university or career goals. Selkirk serves over 2,200 Canadian students and more than 100 international students every academic year. It is located in a welcoming community, which offers safe, clean, small city life surrounded by the beauty of nature and a mild four season climate.

Areas of Expertise

Programs unique to Selkirk College include Contemporary Music and Technology, Ski Resort Operations and Management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS Advanced Diploma or Degree), Peace Studies, and Integrated Environmental Planning Technology. College programs in Professional Aviation, Forestry Technology, Recreation, Fish and Wildlife Technology, Resort and Hotel Management, and Geographic Information Systems are highly regarded within their respective industries. Selkirk International also has a very successful TESOL program with many of its graduates currently employed in many countries of the world.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:100 bedsLowest: $365Highest: $365
Family:Lowest: $600Highest: $750

Most suitable for independent students with good English and social skills. No meal program is available, but rooms have cooking facilities and the campus cafeteria is only minutes away.

Off Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Homestay:Lowest: $600Highest: $750

Local rental market provides many selections for students in Nelson and Castlegar.

Incoming Students

An orientation is held at most campuses in September. New students can also access learning assistance, engage in a math/science tutor, or visit a writing lab to brush up on their English composition skills. During the last week of August a free College Preparation Workshop is held on 2 campuses. International students are encouraged to attend.

Career Planning

Academic counsellors are available to international students. Counselling is also available from Selkirk International.


Selkirk College has a full service gym, weight room, climbing cave, and tennis courts. Joining with our community, our students enjoy everything from exciting local hockey to Latin dance. Aerobics, Pilates, climbing, swimming, and outdoor adventure abound in this area. From world class skiing (three local hills) to world famous mountain biking trail systems; you will have an incredible time exploring this areas natural environment.


Recreational activities include skiing, snowboarding, hockey, basketball, volleyball, and golf. The College also offers a gym with weight room, squash courts, tennis courts, walking/hiking trails, and offers intramural or club league sports.


The College clubs and associations include Environment and Outdoors Club, Business Students Club, Students Association, Canadian Information Processors Society, Film Society, Global Issues, Events Club, Selkirk Idol, Running Club, and many, many more.

Information Technology

All campuses and learning centres in the Selkirk College system are equipped with computer labs for student use. Students can apply for accounts that give Internet access and e-mail. Most labs are equipped with laser printers and scanners. Students have access to 600 computers on all campuses. Computer/student ratio is 1:4.


The College runs a student newspaper and many special events. The international office also holds events and provides support for international students.

Special Services

Selkirk College serves students with disabilities with a special support counsellor who can arrange for any special accommodations a student may require. An Aboriginal support services counsellor is available to assist First Nations students with accessing post-secondary education and parent support services are available to help student parents cope with the pressures of returning to school, as well as special bursaries available to help with child care or special transportation needs.

Affiliated Institutions

Selkirk College has articulation and transfer agreements with The University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, University of Alberta, and many more. We also maintain exchange or articulation agreements with colleges and universities in Mexico, Chile, Paris, France, Japan, China, and Vietnam. Selkirk College is always working to expand and enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

International Involvement

Since 1986, Selkirk College has welcomed international students from all over the world. Furthermore, Selkirk College has international projects in the country of Georgia, and a joint mobility project with the United States and Mexico. Selkirk College Nursing students can participate in an international practicum in Guatemala. Exchange agreements bring students from Chile, France, Japan, and China.

Campus Tour

To arrange group or individual tours, please phone Information Services at (250) 365-1251.


The College also provides learning assistance, an international student advisor, co-operative education, food services, public transit, bookshop, counselling services, free parking, access for disabled students, gymnasium facilities, student orientation, student society, special events, cultural, student cultural assistants, an international student co-ordinator, student handbooks, and a child care daycare centre on the Castlegar Campus. All students have access to library services including online library catalogue and full text journal databases.

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