Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary



The Faculty of Medicine at The University of Calgary is a dynamic teaching and research Faculty of growing national and international stature. Despite our young age (we admitted our first students in 1970), the Faculty is widely recognized for the quality of our research as well as for our medical and medical science education. Our undergraduate program remains one of only two medical Faculties in North America offering a three year degree program.

The pattern of education in most medical schools is changing rapidly in response to trends in health care, new concepts in learning and pressures from the community and the profession. Our medical education and evaluation methods emphasize a health-team approach, the development of problem solving skills and life-long learning tailored to suit the individual student's talents and interests. A particularly innovative feature of our medical school is the presentation of the curriculum as a series of 120 clinical problems, reflecting the way patients present to their physician.

Areas of Expertise

The Faculty of Medicine has a strong commitment to excellence in basic, clinical, health service and education research. Our program operates on the basis of interdisciplinary research groups, an approach which has been successful both for biomedical education and research. The research group concept allows professors who would normally work in different departments to collaborate for the benefit of students and the advancement of research and development. For example, the Joint Injury and Arthritis Diseases Research Group involves rheumatologists, engineers, molecular biologists, orthopaedic surgeons and epidemiologists working to understand the cause, develop treatments and hopefully prevention strategies and cures for such diseases as lupus and rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. There are presently 17 research groups in the Faculty which provide a unique training and mentoring environment for students, fellows and faculty.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Female only:60 beds
Co-ed:1,100 bedsLowest: $4,505Highest: $7,205
Family:250 bedsLowest: $4,680Highest: $4,680

Off Campus Housing

Off-campus housing price range: $200.00 (room) to $900.00 (apartment) per month. The Students' Union maintains an off-campus housing list available online at www.su.ucalgary.ca.

Modified on November 17, 2016