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The University of Calgary is a relatively young institution, having established itself as a degree-granting institution in 1966. It is a comprehensive university, with approximately 34,000 full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students pursuing bachelor's, master's, PhD and post-doctoral programs. The University of Calgary is a member of nine national Centres of Excellence and houses several research institutes investigating topics as diversified as law and family, the humanities, the environment, energy, petroleum engineering, software research and development, and transportation. Our teaching, research, laboratory, and technical facilities are of the highest calibre, ensuring that students graduate with exposure to the most up-to-date technology in their field. The University of Calgary offers a dynamic learning experience and the opportunity to study with leading academic explorers in 16 faculties, which are subdivided into more than 60 academic departments. The U of C's cooperative education program, which provides students with valuable work experience along with first-rate academic instruction, has recently been expanded, with many innovative new programs leading to bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and professional degrees.

The U of C campus features 18 academic buildings, most connected by indoor passages, as well as the modern Students' Union building housing several ethnic restaurants, recreational facilities and student organizations. Other buildings include a museum and art gallery, five libraries, two performance theatres, married and single student housing, a day care centre, a large biological field station, an astrophysical observatory, a large sports stadium, a Health and Lifestyle Centre, an Olympic speedskating oval and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Areas of Expertise

The University of Calgary is a member of nine national Centres of Excellence and houses several research institutes investigating topics as diversified as law and family, the humanities, the environment, energy, petroleum engineering, software research, and development, as well as transportation. In 2008, the university opened its Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, which was the first newly created program in more than 20 years and has since become Canada’s fifth veterinary medicine program. This innovative four year doctor of veterinary medicine program offers a multispecies/multidisciplinary core, as well as three specialized curricular streams: food production; population medicine; and investigative medicine.

On Campus Housing

We are committed to providing you with a positive learning and living experience. We want to see you succeed and grow, academically and socially. You will be instantly connected to your university, your campus and your new life as a student.

Living in residence at the University of Calgary provides you with many opportunities and benefits including:

◾ Being in the heart of it all – Living in residence puts you close to all the action. Social activities, leadership and volunteer opportunities organized by residence are just outside your door. And, any campus event or entertainment is only a short walk away.

◾ Making life-long friends and lasting memories – It’s much easier to meet people when they live right next door. These are often friendships that last a lifetime.

◾ Living on your own, with all the comforts of home – You’ll have the support you need with the freedom of independence. Study rooms, workshops, free Internet, laundry facilities and more are available.

◾ Support networks and opportunity for growth – Get the extra support and growth opportunities through the many extra-curricular education programs, on-campus resources and ongoing support throughout your studies.

◾ Security – Our buildings are secure 24/7. Each residence hall has live-in student and professional staff members to respond to situations. Easy to access, the Safewalk program will accompany you whenever you need or want it.

Off Campus Housing

Off-campus housing and living costs range depending on the type of accommodations available. The Students' Union maintains an off-campus housing list available online.

Incoming Students

The comprehensive mandatory first-year Orientation program, U of C 101, includes orientation, presidents' welcome, peer support, faculty orientations, and student advisors.
We offer a full-day orientation specifically for international students.

Career Planning

Career planning workshops for prospective and current students are offered by the Counselling and Student Development Centre (CSDC). Please refer to the website for more information.


The University is a full-time member of the Canada West University Athletic Association (CWUAA). The CWUAA is one of the most competitive conferences in the USport League. Canadian championships are sponsored by USport each year in various sports including basketball, football, hockey, swimming, soccer, wrestling, track and field, and volleyball for men, as well as in basketball, swimming, soccer, track and field, cross country, volleyball, ice hockey, and field hockey for women.


The Calgary Outdoor Centre at the University of Calgary is the largest outdoor program and equipment rental centre in Calgary. We offer an exciting menu of outdoor focused courses, trips, and kids camps throughout the year.


The University of Calgary has 343 different athletic, academic, religious, cultural, interest/hobby and political clubs on campus.

Information Technology

All students may have Internet accounts allowing them access from home or from terminals on campus. The university also has almost 1,000 computers available for student use. The Distance Education Centre houses one of Canada's best video conferencing facilities.


Regular exhibitions are held at The Nickle Arts Museum. In addition, the Art Department Gallery and the University Theatre Mezzanine Gallery feature art exhibitions. There is a continual array of music, drama, and dance presentations open to the public.

Special Services

Adult Student Advising, International Student Centre, Disability Resource Centre, Peer Support Centre, Prospective Student Office, and Women's Collective and Resource Centre. The Native Centre offers academic, personal, and financial advising for Aboriginal students.

Affiliated Institutions

Research Institutes: Arctic Institute of North America; Calgary Institute for the Humanities; Canadian Institute of Resources Law; Centre for Environmental Design Research and Outreach; Centre for Gifted Education; Environmental Research Centre; Institute for Space Research; Institute for; Transportation Studies; International Centre; Kananaskis Field Stations; Sports Medicine Centre

International Involvement

The University's International Centre is responsible for international linkages. The Centre has three divisions: the Division of International Business, the Division of International Development, and the Division of International Relations. There are agreements with institutions around the world and with many US colleges and universities. Term-abroad programs are currently in India, the Czech Republic, China and Mexico. Students can combine academic studies with related work experience abroad with five-year degree programs in co-op education.

Campus Tour

Dates for campus tours vary throughout the year. Please visit for more information.


Student Services: Advisors, programs, and services are offered for students through adult student advising, International Student Centre, Disability Resource Centre, Peer Support Centre, Prospective Student Office, Native Centre, Counselling and Student Development Centre, Safewalk, Health Services, and International Marketing and Recruitment.

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