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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor
Asian Studies Bachelor
Asian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Atlantic Canada Studies Bachelor
Atlantic Canada Studies Certificate
Criminology Bachelor
Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Criminology Bachelor; Co-op
Economics (B.A.) Bachelor
Economics (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Economics (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op
Economics (B.Com.) Bachelor; Co-op
Economics (B.Com.) Bachelor
Economics (B.Com.) Bachelor; Honours
Geography (B.A.) Bachelor
Geography (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Geography (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Geography (B.Sc.) Bachelor
German Certificate
Global Development Studies Bachelor
Global Development Studies Bachelor; Honours
Intercultural Studies Bachelor
Irish Studies Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (B.A) Bachelor
Psychology (B.A) Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Social Justice and Community Studies Program Bachelor
Social Justice and Community Studies Program Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Spanish and Latin American Studies Bachelor

Humanities and Languages

Asian Studies Bachelor
Asian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Classics Bachelor
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
English for Academic Purposes Not Applicable
English for Personal and Professional/Practical Communication Not Applicable
French Bachelor; Co-op
French Bachelor
French Bachelor; Honours
German Certificate
History Bachelor
History Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics Certificate
Linguistics Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
One Month English Immersion Not Applicable
Philosophy Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies Bachelor
Spanish and Latin American Studies Bachelor
Speaking for Academic and Professional Purposes Not Applicable
University Foundation Not Applicable
Writing for Academic and Professional Purposes Not Applicable

Business, Management and Public Administration

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Computing and Information Systems Bachelor
Computing and Information Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op
Computing Science Bachelor
Computing Science Bachelor; Honours
Computing Science and Business Administration Bachelor
Mathematics (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (B.A.) Bachelor
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Pre-Calculus I Not Applicable
Pre-Calculus II Not Applicable
Pre-University Math Not Applicable
University Foundation Not Applicable

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Astrophysics Bachelor
Astrophysics Bachelor; Honours
Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Biology Bachelor
Biology Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor
Geology Bachelor; Co-op
Physics Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Honours

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Environmental Science Bachelor
Environmental Science Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Science Bachelor; Co-op

Personal Improvement and Leisure

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Forensic Science Certificate


Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Engineering Diploma; University Transfer

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