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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

African Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
American Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Archaeology (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Caribbean Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Contemporary Asian Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
East Asian Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Economics (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Economics and Mathematics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Geography (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Equity Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Ethics, Society, and Law (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
European Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Finance and Economics (BCom) Bachelor
Finnish Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
German Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Indigenous Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
International Relations (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Latin American Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Literature and Critical Theory - Comparative Literature (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Peace, Conflict, and Justice (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Physical and Environmental Geography (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Polish Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Political Science (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Slavic Languages and Cultures (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Slavic Languages and Cultures - Czech and Slovak Stream (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Sociology (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Urban Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Women and Gender Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Astronomy and Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Biological Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Biology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Toxicology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Chemical Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Developmental Biology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Earth and Environmental Systems (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Geosciences (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Genome Biology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Geology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Geophysics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Geoscience (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Human Biology: Neuroscience (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Immunology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Physiology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Planetary Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours

Humanities and Languages

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Environment and Energy (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Geosciences (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Studies (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Forest Conservation (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Forest Conservation Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours

Business, Management and Public Administration

Actuarial Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Data Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Finance and Economics (BCom) Bachelor
Public Policy (HBA) Bachelor; Honours

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Bioethics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Environment and Health (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Health Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology (BKIN) Bachelor
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours


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