General Office Clerks

(NOC 1411)


These comments apply to the career grouping of Clerical Occupations, General Office Skills, which includes General Office Clerks.

Job openings will result entirely from replacement needs due to retirement. Although the decline in employment is expected to slow down, employment is not expected to grow in the next few years, while job growth will be non existent. The retirement rate will be comparable to the average for all occupations (approximately 2% of workers retiring each year) because the age of workers in this occupation and the age at which they retire are both average.

The majority of job seekers will be new graduates, although immigration will account for up to 30% of job seekers. However, given the limited employment opportunities and the relatively low wages, many workers will leave this occupation, primarily for clerical or administrative occupations, which will result in additional replacement needs.

Job Seekers: 78,412
Job Openings: 75,486

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: May 19, 2012