St. Clair College



Established in 1967, St. Clair College is a public college in Windsor, Ontario, Canada’s southernmost city. Windsor is Canada’s automotive capital and home to world renowned manufacturers, information technology suppliers, graphic designers, and Fortune 500 companies.

Students enjoy our warm climate, internationally recognized credentials, and university transfer opportunities. Our focus is you, and that means providing a safe, affordable, enriching learning experience.

Areas of Expertise

Business, Engineering Technology, Media, Art and Design, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Building Design and Construction Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Skilled Trades, and Community Studies. The College has an extensive learn English as a Second Language program including preparation for TOEFL testing.

We offer:
- Year round ESL and a Summer ESL camp.
- Post Diploma one year "International Trade Management" leading to an M.B.A.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Female only:Lowest: $400Highest: $630
Male only:Lowest: $400Highest: $630

St. Clair now offers 204 two bedroom suites at our on site residence.

Off Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Homestay:Lowest: $600Highest: $800

Incoming Students

The College has invested more than $1.24 million in the past 18 months on classroom technology and we have partnered with the student government to build a $3.7 million, 14,000 square foot addition to the Student Centre.


Varsity and intramural athletics work to make St. Clair College, not just an academic experience, but a life experience. St. Clair's commitment to student activities is evident in the growing list of sports offered.


International Business Club, Chemistry Club, Law and Security Society, Concrete Canoe Club, Interior Design, Landscape/Horticulture Club, Marketing Club, IEEE (Institute of Electrical/Electronics Engineers), NSBE (Engineering Society), Advertising, Architecture, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Sign Language, and Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Information Technology

Library/Resource Centre and student newspaper.

Special Services

St. Clair College provides educational support services to students with disabilities who are enrolled or applying to the College. Students with learning disabilities, emotional disorders, or temporary or permanent physical, visual, or auditory limitation are responsible for notifying the College ahead of time to ensure the provision of appropriate learning accommodations. The First Nations/Aboriginal Counsellor can provide specialized services needed by First Nations, Aboriginal, and Metis and Innuit/Innu students at the South and Thames Campuses.

International Involvement

Extensive international linkages at the faculty and institutional levels include Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Western and Eastern Europe. Extensive English language training is available for international students. A TOEFL score of 500 is required for direct admission to diploma programs. Students with lesser scores may be admitted to English as a Second Language courses leading to diploma programs. Conditional approval into post-secondary programs will be given to international students registering into English language training first, assuming all other admissions criteria are met.

Campus Tour

Campus tours can be arranged upon request with ample notice, please phone (519) 972-2727, ext. 4676.


Includes health services, academic and personal counselling, student employment services, assessment of prior learning/experience, registration, a bookstore, college computer store, food/cafeteria services, peer tutoring, parking (fee), lockers (fee), and a new Student Centre.

Modified on August 16, 2021