(NOC 6452)


These comments pertain to careers within the Occupations in Food and Beverage Service grouping, which includes Bartenders.

Currently your work prospects are rated LIMITED because:

The job openings in this occupation will result from both expansion demand and retirements. However, although retirements will represent a significant source of job openings, the retirement rate will be relatively low. Employment growth will be relatively strong.

The recent recession will negatively impact this occupation in the short term since people spend less in restaurants and hotels in times of economic uncertainty. However, with the economic recovery, employment growth in this occupation should rapidly resume over the medium term.

New graduates will be the main source of job seekers. Since this occupation does not require any specific education other than high school, a number of workers may work in this occupation while looking for a job in an occupation which better matches their career goals. Consequently, in the coming years, a large number of workers will leave this occupation for another job, which will increase the replacement demand.

Job Seekers: 72,971
Job Openings: 66,861

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: May 10, 2012