5 Application Tips for Getting into an Art and Design University in Canada

By OCAD University Modified on January 10, 2019

Learn how to make sense of Canadian admission requirements.


Tip #1: Create a strong portfolio
A portfolio is often the first thing an art and design university look at before anything else. This means admissions is first based on your portfolio and if accepted, offers are conditional until you meet the academic requirements. A good portfolio shows your ideas, thoughts, processes, and conceptual thinking. Also, ensure that your portfolio is relevant to the program you're applying to by checking out the program website.

Tip #2: Pay attention to your grades
Grades are important especially in your final year of high school. At the very least, ensure that you meet the minimum grade requirements if you get a conditional offer. If not, your offer of admission can be rescinded.

Tip #3: Meet the English language requirements
Canadian universities often have English language requirements as a general standard. It is strongly advised that you research your options and meet these requirements well before applying so that you have enough time to prepare and hone your English language skills.

Tip #4: Write a meaningful Statement of Intent
In your Statement of Intent, demonstrate why you would be a good fit and why the school would be a good fit for you. Be prepared to write a statement explaining things like why you chose that particular school by demonstrating your understanding of the program you applied you, where your passions lie and where you hope to get to by coming to that school.

Tip #5: Don't be afraid to ask for help and use resources that are available
Get tailored advice and information to suit your needs with the Admissions and Recruitment department at the university to where you wish to apply. Oftentimes, international students have the unique circumstances and speaking to a staff member is probably the best solution. Also, be sure to attend events and workshops such as National Portfolio Day, Portfolio Clinics and Summer Workshops when possible to help spruce up your portfolio.

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