5 Reasons to Choose Canada for High School

Modified on January 08, 2019

Preparing yourself for the Canadian university experience of your dreams!


Canada has become one of the top study destinations for international students wishing to attend university abroad. With its rigorous academics, opportunities for experiential learning, affordable price tag and reputation for being safe and welcoming to newcomers -what's not to love?!

While a Canadian university experience can be valuable, rewarding and the first step to an amazingly fulfilling career –how to you ensure you are prepared? Trust me, first year of university can be tough! And when you factor adjusting to a new education system, culture, climate, friends and maybe even a new language - there are hurdles!

Each year more and more families are realizing that the transition can be much easier if it happens earlier. Students from all over the world are coming to boarding school in Canada to help properly prepare them for the Canadian university system.

How exactly can a Canadian boarding school experience prepare you for university in Canada?

  1. 1. Adjust to Canadian curriculum! Your high school at home probably does not cover all the same topics as a Canadian high school. This can put you quite behind in a subject such as math. Graduating from a Canadian high school means that you'll enter the university classroom having covered the exact same material as your classmates.
  2. 2. Build your network! Leaving behind your home country can be both scary and exciting. But, arriving to Canada early will give you some much needed time to build your personal network of friends, teachers and school counsellors who will be in your corner to help guide you and cheer you on as you prepare for your Canadian university adventure! Having a friend to walk into that first university lecture with can make all the difference in the world.
  3. 3. Get a head start on experiential learning! In Canada, we believe that education takes place inside and outside of the classroom. Studying and writing exams won't be enough to get by here! Universities in Canada focus on experiential learning. Experiential learning means learning through reflection or doing. It involves opportunities such as internships and co-operative education. This is not typical in many education systems. And a Canadian high school can get you a head start on this experience. Learn more about experiential learning at St. Margaret's School here!
  4. 4. Adjust to the climate! Let's be real! For students from countries where winter barely exists, the first winter in Canada came come as a bigger shock than expected. Allow yourself time to acclimatize.
  5. 5. Be language ready! Many of you reading this are coming from countries where English is not the language of instruction at most schools. Adjusting to learning in an English language environment can add a lot of extra stress and pressure in your first year of university. Completing your high school years in Canada will prepare you in a way that IELTS or TOEFL prep cannot. Bonus: many Canadian universities waive IETLS and TOEFL requirements from second language learners who have completed high school in Canada. Want to know what an English Language Learner (ELL) high school program looks like? Check out the program at St. Margaret's School here!

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