Your Best 2019 in Canada

By Briercrest College Modified on January 23, 2019

Make this semester the best one yet!


Adjusting to life in Canada can take a semester (or longer). Now that you’re here, the beginning of a new year can be your opportunity to begin your studies with fresh perspective.

Meet someone new

Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Who knows? You may be surprised at the friendship that forms.

Be active

Cold Canadian weather isn’t always ideal for activity, but your body needs it. Get involved with intramurals or fitness classes on campus! Staying active will help you feel better while keeping you sharper and more alert.

Eat healthy

Like us, you may have enjoyed some treats over the holidays. However, in the winter we have to rely more on what we eat to get the nutrients our bodies need. Make fruits and vegetables a part of your daily diet!

Develop healthy sleeping habits

To accommodate a busy study schedule, you need to keep a regular sleep schedule. Going to bed at a consistent time and waking up without feeling rushed will help you feel better each day.

Clean and organize your environments

Having a clean and organized space will help you mentally stay organized. Keep that study space neat so that you can focus on having a great semester!

Be prepared

Take a few minutes to look over your class syllabi and know what to expect before you start each class. Don’t wait to get help—visit the student success centre on campus if you need academic support!

Maximize your time at the beginning of the semester

Even if you only have assignments due later, use the beginning of the semester to get ahead on a few projects so you can pace yourself later on.

Happy New Year! With these tips, you will be ready to take on a new semester in Canada.