How to Make the Most of Your Last Year of High School

By University of Waterloo Modified on September 20, 2019
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Follow these tips to have your best year yet!

Three students laugh over a binder, making the most of their last year of high school.

Congratulations! You've made it to your final year of high school! Before you graduate we recommend you try and make your final year the best yet. Here are our tips to make the most of your remaining time in high school.

Get involved

Spend some time this year getting involved. When you think back to your high school years, you're going to remember events you went to, clubs and activities you participated in, and school games you attended. Getting involved in these types of things will help you create memories you'll look back on one day!

Getting involved is a great way to strengthen your friendships, too. Having close friends in high school can really make your final year much more enjoyable.

Take care of your health

This is likely to be your busiest school year yet. Between applying for university, getting involved, working, studying and more, there's a lot to keep you busy.

Remember to take time for yourself. Study breaks, sleep, and eating well can help you feel your best. Read our tips on looking after your mental health.

Save some money

University will be filled with new opportunities that you'll want some extra cash for. Start saving money by bringing a lunch instead of buying one and looking for deals and student discounts when you shop! For more advice, read our article on creative ways to save up money for university.

Apply for scholarships

Applying for scholarships in your final year of high school can get you a head start on funding your post-secondary education. Look for scholarships offered by your home town or city, or on websites such as, and spend some time applying!

Spend time with your friends and family

University often means moving away from close friends and family. Dedicate some time these last few months to make memories with those you care about. When school starts getting busy, it'll be nice to have memories to look back on. Plus, the stronger your friendships are before going off to school, the more likely they are to last while you're away.

Be a tourist in your home town

If you're moving away from home for university, spend some time doing all of your favourite things in your hometown. Go to your favourite restaurants, stores, and locations. There will be plenty of new and exciting things to do and see when you're away at school, but it'll be nice to really enjoy your home before you leave for four or more years.

We hope these tips make your final year of high school the best yet! If you're interested in more suggestions and strategies, read our ultimate guide for grade 12 success.

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