Balance as a Post-Secondary Student: It Can Be Done!

By Ontario Tech University Modified on October 18, 2019
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How to balance your school, work and everything else.

A group of joyful Ontario Tech University students indulge in some social time as part of a balanced day.

Being a student can be tough. We find ourselves juggling school, work and extracurricular activities, all while trying to eat healthy, pay our bills, maintain a social life, and much more. No one can deny it requires serious effort to find the proper balance in life. We want to be fully engaged and live in the moment, while trying not to harm the other pieces of our puzzle.

No matter what happens, remember to take care of yourself. At times, you'll feel overwhelmed; make sure you're okay first — physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. After all, you get the most done when you are feeling like your best self. Surround yourself with people that motivate and inspire you to get things done. Having like-minded individuals around you helps you grow and there is always that encouragement when you need it.

Whenever it feels like you have a lot on your plate, take a deep breath, break down your tasks and just start somewhere. Starting small helps you navigate your way through bigger tasks. Things that seem like they require a lot of time and effort usually become easier and get done faster when you break them down into parts. You just have to start somewhere — don't forget to acknowledge your progress and pat yourself on the back as you go.

Writing things down in lists also helps. As things get done and checked off, you'll feel motivated to complete more and more. Each check mark is an achievement.

Time management is a skill every student needs to be successful; you really learn this skill in the post-secondary environment. Life as a student will have its ups and downs, but you will learn to organize, prioritize and strategize. Being aware of your tasks and making sure they are done is your responsibility, so don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There's always someone close by willing to lend a helping hand.

No one is necessarily prepared for what life throws at them, but with every experience comes a lesson. It's OK to navigate the bumps in the road along the way and find your own way of balancing everything out. Make mistakes, learn from them and grow — that's the key to finding your balance.

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