Merry Christmas! Finding a Christian Education

By Logan Bright Modified on December 25, 2019

Profiling a few of the best Christian religious schools in Canada.

It's Christmas! You are given the gift of a Christ-centred education at any one of these fantastic schools.

It's Christmas in Canada today, so in the spirit of the holidays, what better time to take a look at some of the Christian colleges and universities across the country? Now, we can't feature every Christian religious school, but here are four of the big names you should know about if you're considering a Christ-centred education.


Briercrest Christian Academy, College and Seminary in Saskatchewan is a ministry-focused community offering programs at the undergraduate and grad level. With over 30 denominations represented by the student body, you're sure to find students and professors to connect with. Briercrest will also host Youth Quake 2020 in February, where you can learn what it means to build your life on the firmest foundation. And did we mention that Briercrest's centrepiece is the Hildebrand Chapel, the largest church auditorium in the province?


Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto provides undergraduate Bachelor's degrees in three fields: arts, education, and religious education, as well as a Certificate in Christian Studies. Home to over 40 denonimations in the student body, and with an average class size of just 22 students, you're sure to find your community on campus. Tyndale is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and excellence in teaching, and even has a long-running chapel podcast. Not bad for a school that's 125 years old!


Redeemer University College in Ontario features a Christ-centred Core Curriculum at the heart of its 39 program areas, and their student body represents an astounding 50 denominations. Redeemer has recently opened the Centre for Christian Scholarship, established to support basic research and host lectures on Christian cultural engagement. At Redeemer, you can fulfill your calling in the Kingdom of God with an education grounded in Scripture.


Booth University College in Manitoba is rooted in The Salvation Army's Wesleyan tradition, a "small-c" Catholic teaching that grew from John Wesley's Methodist background. Booth focuses on giving its students the skills they need to bring social justice, hope and mercy to the world. Booth is also home to the Centre for Salvation Army Studies, a small institute within Booth UC dedicated to supporting research into The Salvation Army worldwide.

Bonus: Liberty University

Okay, so this school isn't in Canada, but if you're considering studying abroad, Liberty University is a great choice. With over 600 programs of study available, taught by 2,500 professors, Liberty is by far the largest institution on our list. Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, you're sure to find the Christian education you're looking for at one of Liberty's 17 colleges and schools, including their brand new School of Business.

If you're seeking an education that fits your Christian faith, look no further than these great schools. Merry Christmas!

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