Reasons for Residence: Hidden Perks of Living on Campus

By University of Waterloo Modified on April 08, 2021
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Living in rez means more than just a roof over your head!

Living in rez means more than just a roof over your head!

Just like choosing the right school, deciding where to live during your university years is just as important. Here are some of the benefits of living in residence.


Whether it be a snowy day or a busy day of errands around campus, there's nothing better than having everything you need right outside your door. When living in residence, you can rest assured knowing that whatever you need, from the library and classes to the gym and health clinic are just a quick walk away.

A fast way to make friends

When thinking about moving away from home and into residence, you're likely also thinking of the friends and family you'll be leaving behind. However, the greatest parts of living in residence are the new friends you'll make!

Shared floors, shared interests

Looking to live among others with similar interests? Some universities offer residences for students with shared interests. Living-Learning Communities at the University of Waterloo include various academic programs, varsity athletics, students interested in the connection between technology and peace, and the Waterloo Indigenous student residence.

Academic support

You might think of libraries and lecture halls when thinking about academics, but did you know that you can also find support closer to home? Many residences offer on-site tutoring, so you don't have to look far for homework help or a study partner!

At Waterloo, residences offer tutoring sessions on subjects ranging from accounting to essay writing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, students can access the same services virtually. That means safe and convenient homework help, even in your pajamas!

Leadership opportunities

Whether it's signing up to be a floor representative, an event committee member, or on student council, residence offers many ways to develop your leadership skills.

"I joined my Residence Council in my first year of university, where a team of students worked together to plan wellness and fun events for fellow residents. It was a great way to meet people," says Krista, a second-year Kinesiology student at Waterloo.

Fun and activities

Who said that university was all work and no play? Some of your best memories may come from activities in residence! Whether it's virtual yoga sessions or paint nights, many residences continue to offer exciting events online during the pandemic.

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