Top Skills Students Need For A Career In Canada

By Centennial College Modified on May 06, 2016

Studying in Canada does not only help international students enhance their skills, but it leads them to gain international work experience!


Studying in Canada does not only help international students enhance their skills, but it leads them to gain international work experience. However, having a degree is no longer a golden ticket towards a good job. In today’s competitive market, employers are increasingly favouring candidates with broader skill sets.

As a Corporate Communications and Public Relations student at Centennial College, I have gained a strong set of skills through practical assignments and projects. At Centennial, real-world assignments allow us to practice communication, leadership and teamwork skills. More than that, many programs offer work placements and industry projects where students put into practice what they learn in class.

There are also many events to connect students with their industry, expand their networks and reinforce their own drive and desire by talking with professionals already in the workforce.

"Presenting our turbo axial jet engine, we got to explain our understanding of thermodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. The School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS) Technology Fair at Centennial was great; lots of prospective employers, faculty and industry partners,” said Automation and Robotics student Gonzalo Gonzalez from Venezuela.

Centennial College is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse intuitions among post-secondary schools in Canada, emphasizing global citizenship and social equity, and nurturing in you a global mindset to work with any culture.

Let’s take a closer look at the skills valued by employers in Canada:

  1. 1. Interpersonal and communication skills
    Strong teamwork and the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers are key traits.
  2. 2. Critical thinking skills
    One of the most important skills in the workplace is the ability to solve problems and make tough decisions.
  3. 3. IT skills
    Whatever your position is, basic computer skills always open up a wide range of job opportunities.
  4. 4. Leadership and management skills
    A motivated mindset and ability to inspire others to work productively is a huge asset when applying for jobs.
  5. 5. Global skills
    Canada is a multi-cultural country; employers like to hire employees who have a global mindset and the sensibility to work with colleagues and customers with diverse backgrounds, who can think differently and show appreciation to other cultures.

Centennial College is a great choice for international students to gain these five skills that are so valued by employers in Canada. My experiences as an international student in Canada have helped me to form the basis for a strong portfolio after graduation, build a competitive profile in the labour market and get ready to pursue my career in Canada.

Article and Image Design By: Trang Vuong, Public Relations – Corporate Communications Student, Centennial College