Staying Engaged With Your Community While Learning Online

By SAIT Modified on July 14, 2020
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Connecting with other students is an important part of studying in Canada.

A SAIT student stays connected online during the coronavirus pandemic.

With classes online for the summer semester, and most expected to remain online in Fall 2020, students may struggle with feeling isolated from the campus and their peers. Here are some tips to help stay engaged, connected and feel like a part of the SAIT community:

Participate in virtual events and activities

At SAIT, the International Centre is still running our events and activities for the summer, we’ve just moved them to a virtual setting. Students can stay connected with each other, as well as support staff by joining in from the comfort of their own home.

We frequently host virtual trivia competitions on various topics (the last one was World Geography!) and offer prizes to attendees, and in late June we celebrated Canadian Multicultural Day online, featuring photo and text entries that represent the culture of our international students. Keep an eye on your International Student newsletter for all the details regarding upcoming events for international students!

Take a moment to be mindful

SAIT Student Development and Counselling hosts weekly sessions on the topic of Mindful Moments. Join to learn how mindfulness techniques can help to ease your stress and allow you to feel more connected and engaged, both in your studies and personal life.

Join the English Conversation Partners program

Connect with other SAIT students while improving your spoken English! No matter your program or cultural background, if you want to share your experiences and improve your English, join the program to be paired with a fluent English speaker. If your English is already strong, volunteer to be matched to another language learner and meet new friends.

Reach out if you are experiencing difficulties

If you are having troubles with online studies, or perhaps struggling with feelings of loneliness or isolation, you are not alone! These are stressful and uncertain times, and a big adjustment for everyone.

SAIT offers many virtual supports and services to help students to make the most of their online studies, and ensure their mental health is a priority. Learn more about services such as Academic Coaching, Tutoring, and Student Development and Counselling here.

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