Student Advice on Working During University

By Wilfrid Laurier University Modified on October 16, 2023
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Are you interested in working during university? Find out how other students have been successful with their studies and also have a job.

 Student Advice on Working During University

When you choose a university, you’re selecting a school where you’ll learn and work towards future career success. But you might also choose to work during your studies. And there are lots of reasons why working can be helpful: you gain real-world work experience; you earn extra money; and you can learn more about the community and city where you’re living.

But how can you be successful with your studies and also have a job? Students from Wilfrid Laurier University offer their advice.

Find the right opportunities

“Laurier has the International Student Work Experience Program, and I was part of it. You get so many job opportunities through that program and it’s just for international students. I got the job and now I have Canadian work experience, so this helped me get more job opportunities.”

- Yusra F., User Experience Design, UAE

Seek out support

“One day I just walked into the Career Centre for resumé support. There was another international student there who told me about the International Student Work Experience Program, so I applied to that program. It’s not easy to work and study at the same time, but with the right resources, which I believe Laurier has, it’s possible.”

- Jaimin S., Biology and Environmental Studies, Kenya

Schedule your time

“I work as a Residence Life Don, a Laurier ambassador, and an International Student Leader. I’m doing a lot of things but it’s important to remember that your main priority is academics. As long as you’re doing well in academics, you can do all of those things. It’s just about making a schedule. When I came here, I went to a time management skills workshop and they helped me make a schedule for myself. And I have a lot of time for myself, too.”

- Achintaya C., BBA, India

The importance of supportive managers

“I would 100% recommend working for the university. Working on campus is such a great experience because your managers know that you’re a student. They are very accommodating to your schedule as well. I had multiple jobs and was a full-time student, but my managers were always supportive. Having managers who can understand you is very important.”

- Sashini K., Economics with Management Option, Sri Lanka

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