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Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Astrophysics Bachelor
Astrophysics Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biological Sciences (BSc - Business Minor) Bachelor
Biological Sciences (BSc) Bachelor
Biology (BSc) (Augustana Faculty) Bachelor
Biology (BSc/BEd - Secondary) (Augustana Faculty) Bachelor
Cell Biology Bachelor
Cell Biology Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry (BSc - Business Minor) Bachelor
Chemistry (BSc General) Bachelor
Chemistry (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Chimie Bachelor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (BSc - Business Minor) Bachelor
Earth Sciences Bachelor
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Bachelor; Honours
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Environmental Earth Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Earth Sciences (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Geology (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Geophysics Bachelor; Honours
Geophysics (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Immunology and Infection Bachelor; Honours
Immunology and Infection (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Integrative Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Integrative Physiology (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Mathematical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Bachelor; Honours
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Nutrition Bachelor; Honours
Paleontology Bachelor; Honours
Paleontology (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Pharmacology Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Physical Sciences Bachelor
Physical Sciences (BSc - Business Minor) Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor
Physics (BSc - Business Minor) Bachelor
Physics (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Physique Bachelor
Science and Education - Physical Sciences (BSc - Science and Education)/(BEd - Secondary) Bachelor
Sciences biologiques (BEd/BSc) Bachelor
Sciences biologiques (BSc) Bachelor
Sciences physiques (Baccalauréat ès Sciences) Bachelor
Sciences physiques (BEd/BSc) Bachelor


Adapted Physical Activity Bachelor
Art (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Biological Sciences (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Biology (BSc/BEd - Secondary) (Augustana Faculty) Bachelor
Career and Technology Studies: Computer Science (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Career and Technology Studies: Human Sciences (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Career and Technology Studies:Trades, Manufacturing, and Transportation (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Chemistry (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Degré de Généraliste Bachelor
Drama (BA/BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Drama (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Education - Kinesiology - Elementary Bachelor
Education - Kinesiology - Secondary Bachelor
Education - Music - Elementary Bachelor
Education - Music - Secondary Bachelor
Elementary Education - Native Studies Bachelor
English Language Arts (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Études sociales (BEd secondaire) Bachelor
Français (BEd secondaire) Bachelor
General Sciences (BSc/BEd in Secondary Education) (Augustana Faculty) Bachelor
Generalist Degree (BEd in Elementary Education) Bachelor
Mathematics (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Mathématique (BEd secondaire) Bachelor
Music (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Musique (BEd secondaire) Bachelor
Physical Education (BA) (Augustana Faculty) Bachelor
Physical Education (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Physical Education (BSc) (Augustana Faculty) Bachelor
Physical Sciences (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Physics (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Science and Education - Physical Sciences (BSc - Science and Education)/(BEd - Secondary) Bachelor
Sciences biologiques (BEd/BSc) Bachelor
Sciences biologiques (BSc) Bachelor
Sciences générales (BEd secondaire) Bachelor
Sciences mathématiques (BEd/BSc) Bachelor
Sciences physiques (BEd/BSc) Bachelor
Second Languages - Cree (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Second Languages - French (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Second Languages - German (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Second Languages - Japanese (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Second Languages - Other (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Second Languages - Spanish (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Second Languages - Ukrainian (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Secondary Education - Native Studies Bachelor
Social Studies (BEd in Secondary Education) Bachelor
Sport Performance Bachelor

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Anthropology Bachelor
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Business Economics and Law Bachelor
Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture Bachelor
Criminology Bachelor
Design - Social Sciences Route Bachelor
East Asian Studies Bachelor; Honours
East Asian Studies Bachelor
Economics Bachelor
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Économie Bachelor
Économie et droit des affaires Bachelor
Environmental Economics and Policy Bachelor
Études canadiennes Bachelor
Études canadiennes (BA avec spécialisation) Bachelor
Family Science Bachelor
Human Dimensions of Environmental Management (BSc/BA in Native Studies) Bachelor
Human Geography Bachelor
Law Bachelor
Law, Crime and Justice Studies (Interdisciplinary) (BA) (Augustana Faculty) Bachelor
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Economics (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Media Studies Bachelor
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Bachelor
Native Studies Bachelor; Honours
Native Studies Bachelor
Native Studies (BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences/BA in Native Studies) Bachelor
Nutrition and Food Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Psychologie (BA) Bachelor
Psychologie Sciences Bachelor
Psychology (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (BA) Bachelor
Psychology (BSc - Business Minor) Bachelor
Psychology (BSc with Specialization) Bachelor
Psychology (BSc) Bachelor
Psychology (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Science politique Bachelor
Science, Technology and Society Bachelor
Sciences socio-politiques (BA avec spécialisation) Bachelor
Sociologie Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Womens and Gender Studies Bachelor

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Business, Management and Public Administration

Humanities and Languages

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness


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