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Online Support for International York University Students
A guide to York International's global connections and pre-arrival online workshops.
3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health
Nearly half of students 18-24 are suffering symptoms of moderate depression. Are you one of them?
5 Ways to Connect with Your Peers This Semester
Make your post-secondary experience count by meeting and engaging with your classmates.
What the COVID-19 Vaccine Means for Students
Immunizations are being distributed to Canada's front line workers and vulnerable people. What does this mean for you?
The University Application Process Explained
What you can expect when applying for admission to a Canadian university in Ontario.
The Top 20 of 2020
Check out the programs, careers, scholarships, and more, that topped the charts during this crazy year.
Study Academic English and Open Doors to Education and Career Opportunities!
Having a strong command of English is important for success at school and beyond.
Application Season: Deadline Guide for Schools Across Canada
If you're at a Canadian school in Fall 2021, now's the time to start thinking about your applications.
Earn Your Way to New Skills
7 ways a student job can transform your university experience.
The College vs University Dilemma
Dispelling myths to help you choose the right strand of post-secondary for you.
International Scholarships at Western University
Western University has many great scholarship and work opportunities for you.
Algonquin College
Annie Sprouls pursued her dream of becoming an Early Childhood Educator with AC Online.
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