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Embrace the Unknown!
Making the Most of your Canadian Academic Adventure
Next Steps: Arriving in Toronto, Canada
A Guide to Orientation and Other On-Campus York University Services for International Students
What’s the Best City in Canada for Youth to Live and Work?
A first-hand look at living and working in Canadian cities, as seen through the eyes of Canadian youth.
Getting ready for Canada
Our top tips for preparing for your arrival in Canada.
Moving to Canada
At Bow Valley College, we strive to make your journey a smooth transition.
Your Study in Canada Budget: What Else do You Need?
You have probably made a budget for your tuition and living costs. But what about those extra things?
Homesick? 10 tips for the international student
Your sadness will end, and you’ll be your happy self again in no time (and maybe improved!)
Is Healthy Eating Possible at Boarding School?
Learn to Navigate Healthy Dining Options at your Home Away from Home
Distance Support for International York University Students
A Guide to York International’s Global Connections and Pre-Arrival Online Workshops
Five Smart Money Tips For Living Off Campus
Here are some tips to help you keep yourself in great financial shape.
2019 Maclean
The results are in - after 12 years at the top, McGill is now tied with the University of Toronto at the top!
How do UAlberta students relax in between classes and studying?
UAlberta is home to amazing fitness and sport facilities and student clubs!
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