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How to Build the Perfect Course Schedule
A Dalhousie University student reveals the best tips and tricks for making your schedule the best it can be.
Get Help Building Your Network as an International Student in Canada
Connecting with professionals in your field is the best way to establish yourself in Canada, whether at school or in the workplace. Immigrant Networks can help.
Mount Allison Introduces Indigenous Studies Minor and Certificate Programs
Mount Allison plans to expand academic programming in collaboration with Indigenous communities and elders.
7 Lessons I
Get advice on how to make the most of your degree from a fourth-year Western student.
Test Your Canadian IQ with the Canada Day Quiz!
We've got 20 fun questions to mark Canada's 155th birthday.
Concordia Partners with Radio-Canada to Offer Two New Paid Internships
Concordia students will gain hands-on experience in podcast and radio production.
Working During University: How to Find the Right Job for You
Wilfrid Laurier University has the programs, resources, and support you need for job success and financial well-being.
Why You Should Study in Manitoba
Red River College Polytechnic shares some of the many exciting benefits of living in Manitoba.
Expand Your Horizons: Fall Events You Won
In-person events are back across the country! From Toronto to Vancouver, check out what's coming up this fall.
Top 5 Simple Networking Tips for Students
Follow these tips to become a skilled networker so that you can make your dream career a reality.
Get Involved with CBU
At Cape Breton University, you'll find plenty of options for getting involved with recreation and creative arts activities.
Enhance Your Studies in Canada with a Homestay
Consider living with a Canadian family while you study at Kells Academy.
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