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Top Five Tips for Beating Homesickness
Missing home after you've moved abroad can be tough. Try out this advice today.
Checklist: What to Pack for Your New School and Country
Essential: Documents, cash, bank cards, toothbrush, phone, and spirit of adventure.
Things I Wish I Knew About Campus Life
Tips and tricks to help you succeed and make the most of campus life.
Connect Across Cultures at Nipissing University
Be part of our International community.
Prep for Success — Cover Your Financial Basics
School gets busy fast. Take the time and be sure you've covered the basics.
What You Can Do Now to Prepare for University
How to prepare to apply for university
Lessons in Moving to Canada and Ontario Tech University
Ontario Tech student Chikodili shares her story on preparing for Canadian life.
Resources on Campus for International Students
Universities in Canada set up a variety of campus services to help students succeed.
International Student Services at York University
York International will provide you with support during your studies at York University in Toronto, Canada.
8 Top IELTS Tips
Use these tips from the British Council IELTS Canada team to help you prepare for your test.
Cost of Living in the Top Five Countries for International Students
We compare the costs of rent, utilities and internet in China, Canada, Australia, the USA and the UK.
High School vs. University
What's the difference between secondary and post-secondary school?
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