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Use these tips from the British Council IELTS Canada team to help you prepare for your test.

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Use these tips from the British Council IELTS Canada team to help you prepare for your test

  • In the Listening test, before you do each section, you will be given 30-45 seconds to look at the questions. Use this time to study the questions and try to predict what you might hear.
  • Always check your spelling. If you make a spelling mistake in the IELTS Listening or Reading section, your answer will be marked wrong.
  • Make sure you do not exceed the word count in the Listening & Reading sections. For example, if you are asked to write ONE WORD and you write more than one word, your answer will be marked incorrect.
  • Make sure you manage your time well in the Writing section. Spend 20 minutes on part 1 and 40 minutes on part 2. Always allow a few minutes at the end of each section to check your work.
  • Repeating the same mistakes is common for IELTS test takers. Get to know what your common writing errors are and practice these.
  • Make good eye contact with the examiner when you are in the Speaking test, and answer questions in a polite and friendly way. Your body language is an important part of communicating!
  • When answering yes or no questions, it is important to answer the question and then to give reasons for your answer. Don’t simply answer Yes or No.
  • Remember, the key to IELTS success is: Practice, Practice and Practice!

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