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Academic Advising Prep Tips
Get the most out of your academic advising sessions with these top tips on how to prepare.
Planning Your Future: Tips and Advice to Prepare for Whatever Comes Next
Exploring and gaining experience is a critical part of discovering your future path.
Seneca Music Students Add Original Beats to Innovative Collaboration
Seneca music students help create soothing beats for students to listen to while studying or relaxing.
A Breath of Fresh Air: A New Year and a New Semester
How I plan my time in order to achieve my goals for the new year and new semester.
How to Become an X-Ray Tech (AKA a Medical Radiation Technologist)
Explore what it takes to become an x-ray tech and find out if this is the career for you!
Top 10 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a University
Discover what you should consider when deciding where you'll go to university.
What to Do If Your Program Isn
Read how one student changed his academic journey at Laurier and found the perfect program.
Soft Skills to Highlight on Your Resumé
Discover the top soft skills that employers love to see.
Writing the Right Resumé for Job and Scholarship Applications
Not much to report on your resumé just yet? No worries! Here's how to write a compelling resumé for your applications.
Top 6 Reasons to Study in Canada for International Students
Discover why you should consider studying in Canada.
Improve Your English Language Skills in Calgary, Canada
Mount Royal's LEAP program prepares you for success in university and beyond.
Bishop’s University Offers Musical Theatre Training Unlike Any Other in the Country
Whether you are majoring in Music, Drama, Psychology, Business, Education, or something else, if you have what it takes to bring characters to life through song, the Musical Theatre Concentration is for you!
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