Nova Scotia is Forgiving Student Debt

By Logan Bright Modified on September 01, 2020

Undergraduates in all fields have seen $8 million in debt totally cancelled.

Nova Scotia is Forgiving Student Debt

If you've got student loans, you're probably a little worried about how you'll pay them back. Nova Scotia is making things easier by forgiving millions in student debt.

Nova Scotia Student Debt Forgiveness

Nova Scotia Labour and Advanced Education, the government body in charge of provincial student debt, has forgiven $8 million in debt for over 1,000 graduates!

Students studying at Nova Scotia universities can receive up to 5 years of debt forgiveness to a total of over $20,000 per student. The actual amount varies based on graduation date. Only loans disbursed in the last five years are eligible for forgiveness.


  • You graduate from an undergraduate, non-professional degree program (ie a standard undergrad degree, not law or pre-med)
  • This is your first degree eligible for the Loan Forgiveness Program
  • You completed your entire degree within eight years of starting
  • You may need a Letter of Permission from another institution if you've got transfer credits

And that's it! The total amount forgiven depends on when you graduated. If you graduated before August 1, 2019, you must have a combined total student debt (federal and provincial) of more than $28,560. If you graduated after August 1, 2019, the entirety of your Nova Scotia Student Loan could be forgiven!

How to Apply

You're automatically entered into the program when you graduate from a Nova Scotia university! Any loans you've received since August 2015 will be assessed in accordance with the program's rules.

If you owe any money on your Nova Scotia Student Loan, the program will cover it! If you owe less than the Loan Forgiveness Program assesses, the difference will roll over to your Canada Student Loan, too. If there's still money left over, Nova Scotia will mail you a cheque.

Not a bad way to cover your student loans!

There are other repayment programs and assistance, like the Debt Cap benefit for those who need it.

Nova Scotia's doing what it can to support students during the pandemic. Kudos to the maritime province for helping students where it matters most: their pockets!

One more thing: students studying certificates and diplomas can get debt forgiveness too. Check out this page for details.

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