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Cambrian R and D Hosts Annual Student Innovation Challenge
Five teams of Cambrian College students pitched ideas for new products and services to a panel of judges.
How to Find Your First Job
Consider your goals, do your research, and get hired!
Why You Need to Schedule Time to Find Scholarships
Scholarships open and close all year long, so schedule time every week to apply!
Seize Your Summer: Working, Volunteering, Networking, and More
Prepping for success as a student while you're on summer break!
New Cap on International Student Work Hours: 20 Hours Per Week, Rising to 24 in September
Canada's revised the number of hours international students can work while school is in session. The new maximum is 20 hours per week, rising to 24 in September.
Student Lines of Credit from 5 Major Canadian Banks
Everything you need to know about student lines of credit from the 5 major Canadian banks and how they compare to each other.
Durham College Offers On-Campus Employment Opportunities for Students
If working while you're in school is something that matters to you, then explore your on-campus employment opportunities at Durham College.
Taking First Year into Account: the Cost of Living for Canadian University Students
Knowing what you're in for can help you budget your time and money, and ensure you thrive as a student.
Tips for Funding Your University Studies
Everything you need to know about financing your post-secondary education.
7 Keywords to Include When Applying for Scholarships
Popular terms you'll want to explore when applying for awards, scholarships, and bursaries.
All About: Reasons to Study in Canada in 2024 and Beyond
Canada's one of the world's leaders in international education. Find out why!
Apply for York University Scholarships and Awards
While you wait for an offer of admission, check out your funding options for the upcoming term.
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