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Budgeting for Post-Secondary: Saving and Spending Wisely
From making a budget to tracking your spending, being money-smart will help you succeed in school and life.
Learn How to Do Taxes as an International Student with OCAD
The deadline to get your taxes done is April 30! Tax season can be a confusing time of year, but don’t worry — OCAD is here to help you!
Students in and from Ukraine are in a tough position right now. Schools are doing what they can to help.
What You Need to Know About Working in Canada as an International Student
Working as a student is a great way to get Canadian experience for your resumé.
University of Alberta: Tuition Guarantees and Substantial Scholarships
U of A makes planning tuition costs and finding scholarships easy for you as an international student!
Budget Smart: Studying in Canada on a Tight Budget
Keeping track of your finances is critical if you're going to study at a Canadian college or university.
Working as an International Student in Canada
Tips and advice for working here in Canada, on- or off-campus.
Financing 101: Tips for Funding Your Academic Career
Make a budget, apply for aid, and start searching for scholarships!
Jobs and Co-ops for International Students
Get Canadian experience while you study, and get paid, too!
International Student Scholarships at Ontario Tech University
Learn more about the eligibility and requirements for international student scholarships from Ontario Tech University.
How to Budget as a College or University Student
8 easy ways to give your wallet a well-deserved rest.
International Scholarships at York University
A collection of some of the scholarships and awards open to international students at York.
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