Application Season: Deadline Guide for Schools Across Canada

By Logan Bright Modified on December 11, 2020
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If you're at a Canadian school in Fall 2021, now's the time to start thinking about your applications.

If you're starting school in Fall 2021, now's the time to start thinking about your applications.

As 2020 winds down, and we all breathe a collective sigh of relief, application season is gearing up.

Yes, if you're heading to post-secondary education next year, whether it's college or university, it's time to think about your applications.

Deadlines range across the country, and vary by institution and program. Still, we've done what we can to gather some important dates at a glance from schools across the country.

Take these dates as a starting point: for each program that interests you, be sure to check out its specific program page.

And if you've already made your decision on schools and programs, don't wait to apply! There's no reason to delay if you're ready. You don't want to miss out on a seat in a competitive program because you left your application too late!

International students: Remember you'll need to leave some time for your study permit to be processed and approved. You can check out the current estimated wait times for your country, but be aware that with COVID-19, these estimates are just that: estimates!


Alberta's application system is ApplyAlberta, where you can apply to any Alberta university or college. Each institution has its own deadlines for applications.

For example, the University of Alberta has a deadline of March 1 for most of its programs, for both domestic and international students.

On the other hand, SAIT, a college, will acceppt transcripts for fall all the way up until August 1. That doesn't mean you should leave it so late, though!

British Columbia

You can use the EducationPlannerBC tool to any British Columbia college or university. Each school has its own application deadlines.

If you're interested in the University of British Columbia, for example, you'll need to apply before January 15. If you're an international student and want to be considered for awards, you'll need to apply by January 5. Better hurry!

Colleges, like College of the Rockies, have varied application dates, but for CotR, you'll need to have your application in by April 30, and accept your offer before May 1. This doesn't give you much time to think, so use these coming months to really prepare for the schools you want to attend.


Manitoba doesn't have a province-wide application system. You can apply to each school individually.

For some context, the University of Manitoba has a deadline of March 1 for both domestic and international students; see this pdf for details.

Red River College in Winnipeg has a similar deadline, depending on your program. February 28 is quite common, though some programs, including Nursing, allow you to apply until April 15.

New Brunswick

Each New Brunswick school has its own application system and deadlines.

The University of New Brunswick has a deadline of March 31 for domestic students and June 1 for international students.

At New Brunswick College of Craft and Design application dates aren't set in stone, unless you're an international student, in which case you must apply by March 31.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Memorial University has a deadline for both domestic and international students of March 1. This is a priority deadline: the university will accept applications until August 13. International students should be sure to apply at least 12 weeks before the program start date to allow for visa processing times.

The College of the North Atlantic, on the other hand, has an "open admissions policy", meaning they admit students on a first-come, first-served basis. Better get your application in soon!

Northwest Territories

NWT's Aurora College has a preferred application deadline of February 28, though applications are accepted throughout the year.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's Dalhousie University has a deadline of March 1 for those interested in scholarships. International students have a bit more time, and can apply until April 1.

Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax also accepts applications throughout the year on a first-come, first-served basis.


Ontario has a dedicated university application service with a unified application deadline for domestic students of January 15. That'll be here before you know it! International students get some more flexibility: each university has its own deadline for international admission.

Ontario colleges also have a dedicated application platform. If the program you're interested in is "highly competitive" you'll want to apply by February 1. This is the equal consideration date for all programs, meaning colleges can start making admission decisions after this. Programs with open seats will continue to accept applications, though the deadline to confirm your offer is May 1.

Prince Edward Island (PEI)

The University of Prince Edward Island is more generous than many universities. The deadline for submitting documentation for most programs is August 1 for a fall start.

Holland College in Charlottetown has a deadline of February 28 for the rest round of acceptances and entrance scholarships. If you miss the window, you can still apply and hope seats are still open.


Different schools have different deadlines in Quebec, and there's no province-wide application system either.

Concordia University will accept domestic students until March 1, though international students have only until February 1.

McGill University, by contrast, has a deadline of February 1 for domestic students and January 15 for international.


Each school in Saskatchewan has its own dates. For instance, the University of Saskatchewan has deadlines ranging from February 15 for most programs, though it's May 1 for engineering. International students have a deadline of May 1 across the board.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is similar: their priority deadline for domestic students is February 15. International students have until May 1 to apply for a seat.


Yukon University is more generous than most schools. Its fall application deadline is August 15!

Yukon School of Visual Arts is more like most other schools on this list. Their deadline is March 31 for students outside the Yukon.

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