5 Commonly Asked Questions About Applying to University

By Mount Royal University Modified on February 10, 2022
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What an MRU recruitment specialist wants you to know about the admission process.

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Applying to University

Applying for university is taking the next step towards your future — that's a pretty big deal!

We spoke with Crystal Scott, Coordinator of Student Recruitment at Mount Royal University (MRU), to discuss some commonly asked admission questions and learn more about the application process.

1. What is early admission?

Many universities offer early admission, which is exactly what it sounds like: a period of time where you can apply to your program(s) of choice earlier than the regular admission deadline. It is an ideal time to apply and helps expedite the process so you hear back earlier too.

At MRU, we actually receive most of our applications and fill the majority of our programs during early admission, which runs from October to February. All applications received during that time are evaluated equally. Once early admission has ended, remaining spots are offered to competitive applicants on an ongoing and first-come, first-served basis. If you wait too long to apply, your desired program may already be full.

2. What benefits are there to applying early?

The sooner you get an acceptance offer, the sooner you can begin preparing for university life. This includes more time to meet with an advisor, register for courses you'll enjoy, and sort out housing and academic supports, such as Access and Inclusion Services.

In the event that you're not accepted to your program, it also means that you'll have more time to explore alternative entrance options.

3. Should I meet with an admissions and recruitment specialist before applying?

Absolutely! Understanding admission requirements and making sure you have the right high school courses and a competitive average can get tricky. Even if you're fairly certain that your application is strong and ready to go, meeting with an admissions and recruitment specialist can ensure you're on the right track and give you extra peace of mind.

At MRU, we always recommend that future students meet with a member of our team before applying. We offer a range of ongoing virtual information sessions so you can feel prepared and confident.

4. Can I apply to more than one program? Is it a good idea?

Yes and yes! It's always a good idea to have a back up plan just in case. Some institutions, MRU included, make the process easy by allowing you to pick two program choices with only one application.

Why is this helpful? If you're accepted into your second choice program at MRU before hearing back about your first choice, you can accept the initial offer and pay the deposit to hold your seat. If you get an offer for your first choice later on, you can easily make the switch to that program instead.

Either way, this ensures the start of your university experience and eliminates any risk of waiting too long to decide and potentially missing out on both programs.

5. Help! I'm missing a requirement or don't meet the competitive average for my program. What are my options?

Don't give up hope. While you may not be qualified for your dream program just yet, some universities will offer alternative routes to get you where you want to go.

MRU offers a range of alternative entrance options for students who want to complete missing course work or boost their grades while also starting university life. For example, the University Entrance Option, which may include taking Grade 12 equivalent courses, provides a structured curriculum to get you started on your university level coursework while you prepare for admission into your intended degree or diploma program.

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