Why Ontario Tech? Experiential Learning!

By Ontario Tech University Modified on January 05, 2024
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Explore the many different ways Ontario Tech offers hands-on learning for students.

 Why Ontario Tech? Experiential Learning!

Hands-on learning is something we talk a lot about. This is because getting first-hand experience is one of the most valuable aspects of post-secondary education — something we make available to all students, in all of our programs. So if you're considering your options and are thinking, why Ontario Tech? Think, experiential learning!

Keep reading to learn about what options are available to you:

1. Direct-entry co-op programs

Co-op is likely a term you've heard before. But what does it mean and what is a direct-entry co-op program? Co-op is the opportunity to learn in the field while earning credits (and potentially money), and gaining valuable work experience. Direct entry programs simply mean you are applying to a program that has co-op specifically built into it.

If there is a program you like, see if there is a direct entry option available when you're applying. This will ensure you have access to valuable hands-on experiences as early as possible.

2. Research opportunities

If you're interested in research, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. With our various research labs, world-renowned professors, and extensive libraries, Ontario Tech is a breeding ground for research!

Whether you want to pursue graduate studies, explore a topic of interest, or just keep your doors open, there are several ways for you to dive deep into research — outside of your course content. An honours thesis allows you to practice the research process from start to finish. Basically, doing all the behind-the-scenes parts of a research article with a professor!

But of course, you can still participate in research labs and experiments without completing an honours thesis. Talk to your Academic Advisor and/or Career Counsellor to discuss which options most align with your academic and career goals.

3. Field placements

Experience gained in the field is invaluable. For job prospects, application of knowledge and personal insights, there are no downsides. We offer practicum placements for education, health sciences, and social science programs.

We also offer internship and co-op placements that allow you to work with community partners to earn credit (and possibly money) while gaining hands-on experience.

4. Business ventures

If you're interested in entrepreneurial work, you can participate in our Venture Creation course. This provides you with the opportunity to work on a business you own or start a new one. You even have the opportunity to showcase your work in a competition! You can earn course credits while completing a work term and training with a partner organization.

Additionally, our Brilliant Catalyst allows for creative business innovation opportunities with our community partners and your peers. If entrepreneurism is something you're interested in, we have many opportunities.

Learning is so much more than staring at a professor and taking notes while they talk to you. Learning is about expanding your knowledge and being able to apply it to the world around you. It's about exacting change in your environment from the lessons you're taught through hands-on learning experiences.

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