Study Psychology at York University's Glendon Campus

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Unlock your potential in Toronto, Canada.

Study Psychology at York University's Glendon Campus

If studying in an environment where small classes, direct interaction with your professors and hands-on learning is something you're interested in — York University's Glendon Campus offers these benefits, while you pursue a degree in psychology.

What makes Glendon unique?

Situated in Toronto, Canada's largest city and economic capital, Glendon opened in 1959 and is the founding campus of York University. With about 2,000 students choosing to study at York's Glendon campus, students access a small class with an average class size of 26 students.

This approach to teaching and learning transforms a psychology program into an active experience, where project-based learning, group engagement, and work placement opportunities enhance your education and allow you to connect with expert faculty members on a new scale.

Whichever option you choose, you will have the opportunity to enjoy placement opportunities. Through partnerships with healthcare providers, such as Baycrest Health Sciences and Sunnybrook Hospital, you can apply your on-campus learning to real-world work environments.

Choose to specialize

If you're already considering a psychology degree, you might be interested in how the human mind works. You can take your interest a step further as a psychology student by opting to take the program's cognitive neuropsychology stream.

Learn more about the cognitive neuropsych stream in this short YouTube video:

In this specialized stream, you will deepen your knowledge of the relationship between the brain and human behaviour and how these change as we age, as well as how they're impacted by disease and injury. If you're thinking about a career in a clinical field, this focus would be a great fit.

Develop research skills

A key component of any psychology program is developing research skills. At Glendon, the Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP) gives you the chance to work alongside your professors, assisting them with their key research endeavours, something often reserved for graduate students.

The RAP is a unique aspect of the psychology program and has benefitted various students.

"This program has given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge," says Nery Alicia Suntoo, a third-year psychology student from Mauritius. "Working with a professor mentor allowed me to become more confident and develop my expertise."

Bonus: learn a new language

Glendon's programs feature the opportunity to become skilled in Canada's other official language: French. On our bilingual campus, you'll be exposed to French language learning tailored to your language level, even for beginners. While most of your courses will be in English, you will have the chance to learn a language that opens doors for professional opportunities in Canada and abroad.

Small class sizes, research skills development, professional opportunities, specialization options, and language development set Glendon's psychology program apart.

With potential career outcomes in various fields, including counseling, marketing and human resources, a BA in psychology leads to exciting professional and academic pathways.

Get started on your journey with Glendon's psychology program

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