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Student Starts NAIT Club to Encourage Gender Diversity in STEM
They/Them in STEM comes from a declaration of identity and a claiming of space.
George Brown Launches New Computer Programming and Low-Code Programs
Get ready for an exciting career in information technology with two new programs at George Brown College's School of Computer Technology.
How a UCalgary Chemistry Alum Followed Her Passion and Became an Industry Leader
Danica Rankic shares her inspirational story of working her way up to become a director at biopharmaceutical company Pfizer.
An AI Tutoring App You Can Actually Trust
Generative AI is all the rage, and while it might hallucinate now and then, this new app can help you study.
Study Psychology at York University
Unlock your potential in Toronto, Canada.
Exploring Careers in Healthcare for Diverse Students
Dr. O brings you Healthcaring Differently, a social media movement to encourage students to consider a career in healthcare.
York University to Establish New School of Medicine
The new medical school will focus on training primary care physicians, more commonly known as family doctors.
Sustainable Solutions to Societal Issues were the Focus of Conestoga’s Engineering Design Challenge
Engineering students at Conestoga College participated in a challenge to tackle real-world issues with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.
Incorporating Generative AI as Problem-Solving Tools at Trent
Through a new second-year Geography course, e-learning designer Christian Metaxas and Dr. Heather Nicol encourage applying a critical lens to technology use.
UFV Leading the Charge Toward Vertical Agriculture
Discover why vertical agriculture is the future of Canada.
Georgian Launches 17 New Programs with High-Tech labs and Outdoor Learning
Georgian College is now offering 17 new programs that explore the business and science of farming operations.
Accelerated Nursing Programs in Canada
Are you an international student who wants to help people? Check out these fast-track nursing programs.
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