Exploring Career Pathways in Finance and Sustainability

By University of Waterloo Modified on January 07, 2023
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Be part of the future of finance with Sustainability and Financial Management at Waterloo!

Exploring Career Pathways in Finance and Sustainability

As sustainability becomes an important topic in all lines of work, you might be wondering how you can combine your interests in the environment with a field like finance. Luckily, the University of Waterloo offers a degree that does just that!

The Bachelor of Sustainability and Financial Management degree at Waterloo offers a wide range of career options and specializations while you study, which means you get to choose your own adventure! With three different pathways available, you're sure to find one that best fits your interests and career goals.

From accounting to climate reporting: Explore the corporate sustainability pathway

If you've thought about becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), then the corporate sustainability pathway is for you! Choosing this specialization gives you a direct route to earning your CPA and opens a ton of other career and education opportunities. While you can work in a more traditional CPA role, this pathway also gives you all the knowledge you need to work in more unique roles.

Maybe you'll end up working in a climate reporting associate role. This is pretty important, since a lot of companies need to report on climate change and how they're fighting against it. As a climate reporting associate, you get to help these companies report this data and figure out the best way to do so.

Or maybe you're interested in helping companies figure out how to incorporate better sustainability practices into their work, in which case you might be interested in becoming a sustainability consultant. Regardless of what you do with the corporate sustainability pathway, you'll have a ton of knowledge to help you out no matter where you go!

Making finance green in the government policy and financial markets pathway

If you don't think a CPA is for you, then the government policy and financial markets pathway might be what you're looking for. This pathway leads you to a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Just like a CPA designation, you can follow more traditional roles related to financial analysis or seek out something in an emerging field! Plus, you can start to work toward your CFA exam before you graduate university.

Pursuing this pathway lets you take on a career in finance and investment through a sustainable lens. You might become an analyst on a sustainable investments team, where you take a look at some of the environmental, social, and governance considerations needed when making investments. Or you might work as an investment banking analyst on a sustainable finance team, where you look for the most environmentally and socially responsible financial solutions.

Either way, jobs that focus on sustainability in the finance world are definitely growing, which will let you find something you love!

Combining sustainability and strategy in the Indigenous entrepreneurship pathway

The Indigenous entrepreneurship pathway gives Indigenous students a specialized focus on strategy and sustainability. Throughout this pathway, you'll receive foundational training in financial management systems and sustainability and take a closer look at strategic development in business.

By the time you graduate, you'll have all the skills needed to start your own business ventures or contribute to the growth strategies of existing start-up organizations. You'll be playing a vital role in the entrepreneurial world!

A bachelor's degree in Sustainability and Financial Management at Waterloo opens you up to a whole range of career pathways. Whether it's corporate sustainability or diving into Indigenous entrepreneurship, the possibilities are endless! By picking the pathway that fits your interests and strengths, you'll be ready to take on the evolving world of business and sustainability.

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