Ready to the Core - Redeemer University-College

By Redeemer University College Modified on November 09, 2017

What's at the core?

The core, along with the flexibility and opportunity for multiple majors or minors gives you a broader, cross-functional set of knowledge and skills. A sort of hybrid degree, this makes you more effective in your field, and versatile for a likely non-linear career over the longterm. Here's a few examples:

SCIENTISTS are more effective when they know how to write.

BUSINESSES make smarter decisions when they?re informed about history.

ART gains wider appreciation when it?s presented with confidence.

LEADERS are more inspiring when they develop genuine relationships.

The Core curriculum is a set of 10 interdisciplinary courses that every student takes as part of their degree. The local, global, and non-Western elements will help you to see how everything holds together in Christ and inspire you to go out into the world prepared to be a culture-maker for Him.

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