How to Make the Most of Your Canadian Post-Secondary Journey

By SAIT Modified on November 20, 2019

Post-secondary isn't just about getting good grades: it's a whole lot more!

The gorgeous Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta; just a hop, skip and a jump away from SAIT.

There's much more to post-secondary education than hitting the books and graduating. What you make of your education is up to you — your social life, extra-curricular activities, volunteer experience, and willingness to go above and beyond what's offered in the classroom could be what will pay off the most after you graduate. That said, at SAIT we have many exciting opportunities for students.

Student Clubs

There are many student clubs registered with the SAIT Students' Association (Saitsa). Lots of international students at SAIT participate in the club activities and even lead the clubs as president or vice-president. You can have the opportunity to get involved and make life-long friends with similar interests if you join a club! The clubs are great for social activities but also provide professional or career-related opportunities.

SAIT Students' Association

Saitsa isn't just about the student clubs — they also offer other great ways to get involved. Saitsa is your student government at SAIT. They're your advocates, and you could be the advocate of other SAIT students if you get involved! They provide student-oriented services on campus such as discounted tickets to entertainment events and sight-seeing spots, student-only parking spaces, a campus safewalk program, student food bank and peer support centre, just to name a few! You can volunteer to assist with their events or even run for student government yourself.

International Centre Activities

Every semester, the International Centre at SAIT has various events, activities and field trips planned for students to enjoy. For example, we take students to the beautiful Canadian Rockies, downtown Banff, Drumheller (where many fossils were discovered!) and local hot spots like the Calgary Tower and Calgary Stampede. During the week, you won't be bored either! The International Centre provides various opportunities to participate in social events such as the Global Café and our Holiday Party.

You'll enjoy your experience in Canada more if you get out of your comfort zone. Explore and participate in various activities on and off campus to make your post-secondary journey unforgettable.

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