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How to Stay in Touch with Friends and Family
Long distance can be a challenge, but try these ideas to keep in touch with your loved ones.
How Your Family Can Join You Here in Canada
Having family members around can make your life as an international student a whole lot easier.
2022 Goals of a Western Student
New year, new goals! Western student Emily plans to make the most out of 2022: here's how.
How to Talk About Mental Health with Your Loved Ones
Being open and vulnerable is an important step to health and overall wellness.
How International Students Can Embrace Canada as Their New Home
Resources and advice for international students new to Canada and the University of Alberta.
Homesickness: What it is, and How to Overcome it
Homesickness hits us all now and then. Do you have strong strategies to handle it?
Thanksgiving in Canada: Why You Need Quality Time with Loved Ones
Maybe you're already over turkey and cranberry sauce, but Thanksgiving's really about being with the people you love.
Scholarships Created to Honour Victims of Flight PS752
Western University staff and alumni remember the four Western students who lost their lives.
5 Ways to Connect with Your Peers This Semester
Make your post-secondary experience count by meeting and engaging with your classmates.
NU Gateway Brings Nipissing Students Together
Build your community with the personal and academic supports you need to make first year a big success.
Parents: How to Help Your Student Focus When Learning Online
Focus is a muscle that can be trained, developed — and exhausted.
Get Connected at UFV with Friends Without Borders
Make friends from around the world with UFV's community-building group.
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