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How to Talk About Mental Health with Your Loved Ones
Being open and vulnerable is an important step to health and overall wellness.
5 Ways Aquariums Can Help Take the Stress Out of College Life
Considering a fishy friend for your dorm? Adopting an aquatic pet can help you keep your stress down and your spirits up!
Why You Should Choose Canada as an International Student
Some of the world's best universities (and the world's best people!) call Canada home. You could too!
What You Need to Know for Your First Year of University
Five tips to set you up for success when you first arrive at university.
5 Back-to-School Tips for University Students
Class is almost back in session... Here are the must-knows from a 4th year student.
Working Holidays in Canada and Abroad
Ever wanted to get experience outside your home country? SWAP.ca working holidays makes it easy!
Connecting With Classmates Before School Starts
A 4th-year student's tips to kickstart connections with future classmates before September.
Get Help Building Your Network as an International Student in Canada
Connecting with professionals in your field is the best way to establish yourself in Canada, whether at school or in the workplace. Immigrant Networks can help.
Top 5 Simple Networking Tips for Students
Follow these tips to become a skilled networker so that you can make your dream career a reality.
Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research
How Mount Royal helps students gain valuable research experience while still in undergrad.
How to Stay in Touch with Friends and Family
Long distance can be a challenge, but try these ideas to keep in touch with your loved ones.
How Your Family Can Join You Here in Canada
Having family members around can make your life as an international student a whole lot easier.
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