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By SAIT Modified on October 08, 2020
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The global pandemic hasn't stopped SAIT and Calgary from providing student support services.

The global pandemic hasn't stopped SAIT and Calgary from providing student support services.

Campus closed due to the global pandemic? No problem, we've got you covered. With ever evolving technologies available, SAIT is able to support you online with different methods such as ZOOM, MS Teams and Blackboard. Aside from the on-campus services, Calgary has so much to offer in terms of personal and family support.

Learner Services at SAIT

SAIT has a department dedicated to assist students with their academic and personal success. Check out Student Life at SAIT. Learner services of SAIT offers academic coaching, tutoring, testing services, career advising and counselling. Various programs such as peer mentorship and student leadership programs are available to all the SAIT students. When the campus is open, those services and programs are of course in person but they are currently available as well through online platforms. We'll take care of you!

Community Resources

Calgary has become more and more diverse over the last decade. The city is home to many ethnic organization, faith groups, settlement agencies and newcomer support services. Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) offers a variety of services and programs to both immigrants and international students. For example, CCIS has volunteer programs, youth mentorship, settlement counseling, and seasonal events where international students at local post-secondary institutions are invited.

The Calgary Public Library (CPL) is a hub to many individuals who like to continue learning and exploring. With their free membership, you will open the door to access a lot of useful information, materials, programs and services in-person and digitally. CPL has 21 locations and branches across the city — which means access is easy for you.

International Centre

The International Centre at SAIT has two distinct teams: student recruitment and current student support. There are dedicated staff who will assist you from the first point you contact SAIT until you graduate. Whenever you feel lost or struggling, the Centre staff will be there to assist.

Check out the International Centre at SAIT

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