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George Brown Launches New Computer Programming and Low-Code Programs
Get ready for an exciting career in information technology with two new programs at George Brown College's School of Computer Technology.
Nipissing University Unveils State-of-the-Art Simulation Centre
Mew simulation centre replicates a variety of real-life situations and procedures for students and professionals from various disciplines, including nursing, social work, and criminal justice.
An AI Tutoring App You Can Actually Trust
Generative AI is all the rage, and while it might hallucinate now and then, this new app can help you study.
Olds College of Agriculture and Technology is #4 in Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges
Olds College of Agriculture & Technology has been ranked fourth in Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges 2023!
Incorporating Generative AI as Problem-Solving Tools at Trent
Through a new second-year Geography course, e-learning designer Christian Metaxas and Dr. Heather Nicol encourage applying a critical lens to technology use.
Exploring Virtual Reality in Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba
New technology provides space for collaboration and situational learning.
Your Guide to Attending Virtual Education Events
Attending a virtual education event? Here's your ultimate guide to getting the most value for your time.
Innovative Information Technology (IT) Courses for International Students in Waterloo
Waterloo is one of the best cities for tech and innovation, and with these courses from Conestoga you're sure to fit in!
Earn Your Bachelor of Digital Agriculture at Olds College
Combine ancient farming knowledge with modern technology and techniques to get your career growing.
3 Apps to Supercharge Your Study Sessions
Flash cards, learning a language, staying focused: these apps can help you in your student career, and beyond.
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Classroom: Opportunities, Challenges, and Advice
AI's everywhere these days. Here's how MRU students and instructors can use AI in their schoolwork.
How to Become a Data Scientist in Canada
Have you ever wanted to predict the future? Are you tech-savvy? Discover how you can become a data scientist in Canada!
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