Starting Your Canadian University Search

By University of Waterloo Modified on August 17, 2021
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Planning to attend a Canadian university? Here are tips to help you find the info you need.

Starting Your Canadian University Search

From on-campus services made to help students improve their experience to immigration programs developed to speed up permanent resident applications, Canada is a welcoming place for international students. When starting the university search process, it can be challenging to know where to begin your quest. That's why we've put together a list of resources that can help you find the university program that's right for you.

Browse university websites

Looking at university websites is a great way to get familiar with different institutions. These websites will often have a section dedicated to students interested in applying. Here you can find information on programs, applying, student life, and even download brochures.

Attend a webinar or event in your region

Universities will often host events with information specific to students in your region. You can expect to learn about everything Canadian universities have to offer including programs, admissions, co-op, and student life. Webinars and events are also a good opportunity to connect with university staff who can answer your questions. Ask them about moving to Canada, adjusting to life in a different country, admission requirements, and navigating the university system in Canada.

Take a virtual campus tour

Tours are a great way to get a feel for different universities. Most schools will offer virtual tours for you to see different buildings and outdoor spaces. Your tour guide can also tell you about the different services and supports available on campus. Visit our website to take Waterloo's virtual campus tour.

Connect with current students

Who better to learn about university from than the people who are currently experiencing it? Current students can tell you what it'll be like to be a student at university. They'll also have insider advice on classes and professors, how you can get involved, and what the student experience is like.

If you want to talk to a current student, ask universities if they can put you into contact with a student. At Waterloo, you can visit our website to be connected with one of our student ambassadors. If some universities don't offer these services, think about reaching out to the people that you know. Do any of them attend a university or study in a country of interest to you?

Look into university rankings

Several publications and websites score universities based on subject areas, overall university experience, graduate employability, student life, and other criteria. University rankings are useful as they can help identify what you value in a university.

Think about what's important to you for choosing a university. Do you want to attend a school that's a leader in the field you're interested in? Or maybe you want to go to a university that's ranked highly for student life? Use the rankings to narrow down the list of universities that might be right for you.

We know starting your university search might seem overwhelming. Hopefully these tips can give you some comfort in knowing that there are many resources available to you. Waterloo students have written a series of articles with advice on choosing a university. Be sure to check them out!

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