International Student Scholarships at Ontario Tech University

By Ontario Tech University Modified on January 19, 2022
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Learn more about the eligibility and requirements for international student scholarships from Ontario Tech University.

 International Student Scholarships at Ontario Tech University

Ontario Tech University is dedicated to the success of our students and offers several scholarships for domestic and international students alike. You may be wondering, what are the requirements for international students to receive scholarships? Well, we're here to help you find out!

Below we will outline the general requirements for consideration and the various scholarships dedicated to international students:

General requirements

International students considering applying for scholarships should meet the following criteria:

  • Be an official Ontario Tech student.
  • Have not previously attended a university institution.
  • Do not already hold a scholarship, as you are only allowed to hold one at a time.
  • Must be enrolled in an 80 per cent course load (four courses) per term.
  • For entrance scholarships, you must attend our university within 18 months of high school graduation.

While these are the general requirements that determine eligibility, there are additional requirements for different scholarships that should be kept in mind.

If you meet these general requirements, there are a few different types of scholarships available to international students that we will define next, along with their additional requirements.

International entrance scholarships

These awards are meant to help students entering their first year of studies at Ontario Tech.

Global leadership award (GLA)

This award is for international secondary-school students entering an undergraduate program at our university on a study permit. You must be currently studying outside of Canada to apply; Canadian citizens and permit residents are not eligible for this award.

The GLA is one of our most prestigious awards offered to our students. This award recognizes the strong leadership and academic abilities of our international applicants. Valued at $72,000, this award provides students with $18,000 toward tuition a year, for four years.

Applications can be done through MyCampus under the OT awards and financial aid tab.

Awards of recognition

These scholarships are awarded to international students based on their grade point average (GPA) in high school, based on the average of your best six 4U/4M level courses. These awards are given to international students who graduated from a Canadian high school and are automatically applied to your tuition account.

  • $4,000 for an average of 95 per cent or higher
  • $2,000 for an average of 90 to 94.9 per cent
  • $1,000 for an average of 85 to 89.9 per cent

What this means is, if you have a course or two that you didn’t do as well as you wanted to in, that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of receiving an award!

Awards for current international students

These awards are designated for international students currently studying at our university.

In-course scholarships

We want to recognize your achievements and hard work during your undergraduate studies. To be eligible, you must have achieved a 3.7 GPA or higher (on a 4.3 scale) during the previous academic year and return to a full-time course load. Additionally, you must have been enrolled in an 80 per cent course load in the previous academic year.

  • $ 1,500 for a 4.0 or higher GPA
  • $ 1,000 for 3.7 to 3.99 GPA

Note: you can receive this award for up to three years of your first undergraduate degree. Like the entrance scholarships, these awards are applied directly to your tuition account.

These awards demonstrate Ontario Tech's dedication to supporting our students and our recognition of your hard work and achievements.

Hopefully, this overview gives you an understanding of the general and grade requirements needed to be eligible for various international student scholarships.

Check out Ontario Tech’s student awards and financial aid website

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