Take a Virtual Tour of York University's Campuses

By York University Modified on February 27, 2022
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Excited about coming to York University, but you're not in Toronto? Take a virtual tour!

Take a Virtual Tour of York University's Campuses

York University is a network of campuses offering a range of opportunities to immerse yourself in the diverse experiences and perspectives that are shaping our world. With two core campuses and a series of satellite locations both within Ontario and abroad, York University is facilitating and creating positive change on a large scale.

Keele Campus

Keele Campus offers a vibrant and welcoming, large-scale campus experience for over 52,000 students, as well as faculty, staff, partners, and the surrounding community. Both campuses provide a unique opportunity to engage with diverse cultures and perspectives. As a thriving community hub, the Keele Campus experience is enhanced by its proximity and access to economic and cultural centres throughout the GTA and surrounding communities.

Keele Campus is home to ten unique Faculties, a range of purposeful cutting-edge research and innovation opportunities and state-of-the-art academic, arts, technology, and athletic facilities. This campus offers unparalleled opportunities and experiences to curate your own education, scholarship, personal growth and contribution to positive action.

Take the Keele Campus virtual tour.

Glendon Campus

Located in the dynamic, urban landscape of midtown Toronto, Glendon offers an intimate and welcoming environment on its picturesque, ivy-lined campus. With a focus on bilingual and trilingual programming, Glendon reflects Canada's cultural diversity while offering a window into the rest of the world.

Small classes combined with flexible learning paths provide a uniquely community-driven university experience. Being part of a thriving international network makes Glendon a rewarding experience for those looking for a warm campus environment with large-scale impact.

Through experience, academics, research, and scholarship, Glendon is a champion of the powerful connections that lead to positive change.

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