Typical Costs in Canada for International Students

By Conestoga College Modified on August 28, 2022
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A general guide to expenses in Canada so you can start budgeting for your education.

Typical Costs in Canada for International Students

Here are some typical costs (in Canadian dollars) for items and services in Canada to help you budget for your new life as an international student. These amounts are estimates only and may vary significantly. Please ensure you bring enough funds to support yourself through your first year in Canada!

Expense Monthly cost (Canadian dollars) Description and notes
Housing $600+ Private room with shared bathroom and kitchen: $600 - $800 monthly

1-bedroom apartment with private bathroom and kitchen: $1,200 - $1,700 monthly

Please note that most landlords require you pay your first and last month's rent up front when you sign your lease
Utilities Variable Payments for heat, air conditioning, water, and electricity, and internet may be additional to the rent you pay, so please ask your landlord before you sign anything.
Food $150 - $300 Food costs vary depending on where you buy your groceries, and how often you eat out.

• Restaurant meal for 1 person: $20
• Fast-food meal (McDonald's McChicken, fries, and drink): $12
• Cup of coffee: $3
• 5 kg bag of rice at grocery store: $10
Transit $80+ Depends on your location. Conestoga College students in Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, and Guelph can get transit passes. Students in Brantford have transit passes already included in tuition.
Phone and Internet $50 - $100 Costs depend on your phone, how much data you add on, and what speed your internet is.

• Check if your phone will work in Canada
• Internet packages may be shared by all living in the same household
• Free wi-fi is available in many public spaces, including across Conestoga College
Personal Items $100 - $200 Cold weather clothing is necessary: budget for winter jackets, boots, scarves, and hats.
• Approximately $5 for a bottle of soap or shampoo
Academic Materials $500+ per term Conestoga College students can check the booklist here for pricing

Cost of living tips from Conestoga International

The Conestoga International YouTube channel has lots of great videos featuring international students sharing their experiences and advice on spending and saving in Canada. Here's just a sample of what's on offer:

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Living in Canada can be expensive, but the world-class education makes it worth it! Plus, Canada offers a generous pathway to permanent residency for international students — so if you want to become a new Canadian, attending a Canadian school is a great way to start.

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