3 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Project Management in 2023

By Durham College Modified on November 16, 2022
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Discover why being a project manager may be the career for you.

 3 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Project Management in 2023

Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to deliver value to the organization. It helps companies accomplish tasks effectively, whether they develop products, provide services, or implement other activities.

Most organizations use project management scheduling software that aids in scheduling, resource allocation and costing, progress monitoring plan, risk management, and analyzing and reporting KPIs to maximize output. Project management has evolved from being seen as an administrative role to becoming a strategic part of an organization’s business model, and here are three reasons why you should consider a career in Project Management:

1. Increasing demand for Project Managers

According to a Project Management Institute (PMI) report (PDF), the project management-oriented labour force is expected to grow by 33%, and nearly 22 million new jobs will soon be created. It is also estimated that employers will need almost 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles by 2027.

2. Switching industries

Project management skills are usually transferable to any industry, with the finer details learned on the job. It allows project managers to easily change industries, which is often difficult in other career streams. Your experience in managing projects and the necessary qualifications will make a perfect combination for your transition. A career move could be fruitful given the increasing demand for IT, construction, contract and procurement, and engineering project managers.

3. International exposure

It has become a norm to have international project teams with large institutions. It includes working with overseas departments and teams to solve a problem collectively. As a global project manager, you must be a leader, face unique challenges, learn about different cultures, and adapt to language barriers. You will use proper planning, strategies, and navigation tools, and meet expectations accordingly.

How to Become a Project Manager?

As a project manager, you are responsible for planning, procurement, execution, and completion of a project. You are also in charge of the project scope, managing project teams and the resources allocation. If you want to become project management expert, you may elect to obtain multiple certifications.

The two most popular project management certifications are PMP and PRINCE2. These certifications help showcase your practical knowledge, insights, and your expertise. The PMP certification is usually recommended to professionals with three or more years of experience in the field and is more popular in North America. Whereas, PRINCE2 is adopted by many countries worldwide, but including UK, Western European countries, and Australia. If you consider applying for this certificate, you should follow a study plan to help you better prepare for the exam.

You can also opt for a Durham College Certificate in Project Management Studies, which teaches you how to move through the project life cycle phases and develop a project management plan that can be applied to real-life scenarios.

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