Toronto Spots That Remind Me of Home

TMU student Yutang Song shares some of her favourite downtown restos and shops that offer a taste of home.

Toronto Spots That Remind Me of Home

Written by Yutang (Jacqueline) Song

In my first few days in Canada, everything surrounding me was different: different people, different neighbourhoods, and even different cars! Immediately after stepping off my 13-hour flight from China, I felt a mix of uncertainty and excitement.

I still remember my first day here; it was a hot, humid summer day. That night I couldn't fall asleep, it was my first time away from my home, my parents, and my friends. Despite being lonely and sad at times, feeling like I was on another planet, I was still curious and excited about what life will be like in Canada!

Once I started school, things got easier for me. I made friends and I did not feel as alone! More importantly, I explored Toronto! As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto has lots of spots for international foods! I was excited to discover this, because it made me feel less homesick.

As a Chinese student, I enjoyed several restaurants in Toronto that remind me of home without the air ticket price tag! If you love authentic Chinese cuisine, Chinatown is a great spot for you to explore; here are my restaurant recommendations:

Swatow Restaurant

Location: 309 Spadina Ave

This Cantonese restaurant has the best wonton noodle soup and fried stuffed bean curd!

Goldstone Noodle Restaurant

Location: 266 Spadina Ave

If you're looking for BBQ duck and pork on rice, this is the place to go.

Sang's Great Seafood Restaurant

Location: 343 Spadina Ave

Sang's hot chicken pot is the dish you must try during the winter if you're a chicken fan.

FuDao Noodle House

Location: 358 Spadina Ave

The rice noodle is a must if you come here.

Liuyishou's Hot Pot

Location: 254 Spadina Ave

If you're in the mood for hotpot, this is where you should go. Get the Liu's house special soup base which is made with premium beef oil. It brings me back to China right away!

All these places are great, but if I want a home-cooked meal with authentic Chinese ingredients, I would go to Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown.

Not only do they sell Chinese food that you can find all over Eastern Asia, their vegetables are even cheaper than Loblaws and Metro—as low as $1-2 per bag! I recommend you check out Kai Wei Supermarket at 253 Spadina Ave for fresh vegetables, fruits, and authentic Chinese snacks.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and take up one or more of my recommendations! You're sure to develop some new favourites of your own!

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