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Six Ways a Student Can Get the Most Out of Their Summer Break
It's summer vacation for college students and Centennial has some recommendations for how to spend your time.
The Differences Between High School and University
Of course university life is different from high school; but how, exactly? A Waterloo student walks you through what to expect.
Five Questions - and Answers - About Living in Residence at University
Not sure what to expect if you choose to live in residence in university? Laurier answers all your questions on getting ready for residence.
Students in and from Ukraine are in a tough position right now. Schools are doing what they can to help.
Life in Montreal as a Concordia Student
Discover why Montreal, Quebec is a top student destination.
Discover How a Graduate Student Found His Place at UofA
UofA Education doctoral candidate’s teaching, research, and service garner two graduate awards.
Updated: Ontario College Strike Averted
Update: The Friday, March 18 strike deadline has been avoided. No strike!
Have Questions About UFV? Ask a Current Student!
UFV Global Student Associates are here to help you understand what life is like for UFV students.
How to Stay in Touch with Friends and Family
Long distance can be a challenge, but try these ideas to keep in touch with your loved ones.
Applying to Laurier
Get ready to apply to Wilfrid Laurier University!
How International Students Can Embrace Canada as Their New Home
Resources and advice for international students new to Canada and the University of Alberta.
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