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How to Choose a University Program as an International Student Coming to Canada
Six simple questions to help guide you to the right school and program when you're studying abroad.
4 Tips for Success: Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Year Student
Check out these four big factors that could help you make a splash in your first year of university or college.
An International Student
3 TMU students from abroad share what they look for in the right Canadian school!
Advice from an International Student Studying in Canada
Nina Petinglay from the Philippines finds her home away from home at MRU.
8 Things Every Student Should Do When Starting Their First Year
Your first year of university or college is just a few days away! Be prepared with these tips on how to survive and thrive in your first few weeks.
Roommates: 5 Tips on How to Be a Good Housemate
Healthy communication is the key to success when living with a roommate. Here are 5 tips for creating a good environment for you and your roomies.
Four Ways a Summer Job Can Prepare You for University
Discover how a summer job will help you start your time at university on the right foot.
The Best Terrasses in Montréal Near the Concordia U Campus
Get your summer chill on at one of Montréal's many famous (and fabulous!) terrasses! (That's a patio for all you anglophones!)
Toronto Spots That Remind Me of Home
TMU student Yutang Song shares some of her favourite downtown restos and shops that offer a taste of home.
How to Find Student Housing in Canada
Canada's housing market is rough, so finding a place to live as an international student isn't easy. Here's how you can find a room to rent.
Feeling Alone? Connect with Jack.org to Empower Yourself and Your Peers
Mental health is a tough topic. Jack.org helps young leaders to revolutionize mental health care in Canada. You can help.
A Helpful Guide to University Resources for International Students
When you enroll in a Canadian college or university, you'll get plenty of supports, from admission to graduation and beyond.
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