Dear First Year Me

By Toronto Metropolitan University Modified on October 07, 2023
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Isioma's got a year of university under her belt, so she writes a letter to her past self about her time so far at TMU!

Dear First Year Me

By Isioma Uwadiunor, Business Management, 2nd Year, Toronto Metropolitan University

Dear first-year me,

Your upcoming four years at Toronto Metropolitan University will be incredibly eventful with a mix of surprises, setbacks, challenges, and opportunities! You're going to meet a lot of people who you'll learn so much from, and get to form strong connections with.

You probably think you have it all figured out, but you still need to get the hang of moving to a new city, balancing your studies, and everything else! As your future self, I want to share some tips with you that'll make your time at TMU all the more easy and exciting.

As a Business Management student, don't feel rushed to choose your major before you even start your classes simply because your peers might already know theirs.

Go at your own pace, take different classes, and try to figure out what interests you. You're probably thinking "What if I make the wrong decision and I realize I don't like the major I chose but it's too late?"

Trust me, it's never too late to change your major in the first and second year — some people even switch majors in their third year!

There will always be challenges, but what matters is how you overcome them, learn from them, and get yourself back on track afterwards. If you're not doing so well at the beginning of a class, don't panic or drop the course, seek help from resources on campus like the Academic Success Centre, or your professors and peers.

There may be times when you feel discouraged because things don't turn out the way you expect — maybe you studied hard for a test and didn't do well, or you didn't get that internship you wanted. Remember to keep trying, learn from your mistakes, and make use of the resources available on campus, because they're there to help you.

Pro-tip: visit the Career and Co-op Centre for help with internship and job applications!

Make the most of every opportunity and get involved. Thanks to our downtown campus, there are lots of opportunities around you, so put yourself out there and gain as much experience as you can. This does not only have to be about academics; you could learn different skills that interest you by attending classes and workshops at the DMZ incubator or the Digital Media Experience Lab. You'll also be able to meet new people, make friends and make new connections.

Lastly, although you're striving to get the best grades, don't forget to have fun! Engage in social activities, go out with friends, join student clubs on campus and take up volunteer positions. Start a club related to your interests, try new foods, and experience new cultures, because TMU is a very diverse university. Live life to the fullest because these four years are going to fly by, and you'll want to have amazing memories of them!

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