Huron University Launches the World’s First Major in Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership

By Huron University College Modified on March 04, 2024
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Turn your love for animals and passion for the environment into a degree that both deepens your knowledge and prepares you to lead.

 Huron University Launches the World’s First Major in Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership

Huron University is proud to launch a truly unique major in Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership (AESL) rooted in Huron’s Management and Organizational Studies Department.

Passionate about animals and the planet? Here’s the program for you!

This brand new program will empower students to learn about issues facing animals and the planet and how to make a positive impact using the knowledge and skills they will gain throughout their degrees — fully aligning with Huron’s mission of challenging its students to be Leaders with Heart.

The first program of its kind in the world, AESL allows students who are passionate about animals and the planet to develop both their knowledge and their leadership and organizational skills,” says Dr. Kendra Coulter, Professor in Management and Organizational Studies & Coordinator of AESL. “Animal lovers can now earn a degree from one of Canada’s elite universities focused on animal and environmental issues through this distinct learning pathway that combines Management and Organizational Studies, the Social Sciences, and the Arts.”

What students will learn in the AESL program

In Huron’s deliberately small classes, AESL students will learn about:

  • Animal protection through law and policy
  • Sustainable business strategies
  • Ethical debates about our responsibilities to other species
  • The relationships between nature and technology
  • Climate action plans, and more

Throughout their courses, they will take part in experiential learning with animals and engage in a “Battle of the Brands” competition to champion the most ethical businesses. “Not only will students be inspired by what they’re learning, the degree will open many doors to diverse careers across sectors that benefit animals, people, and our shared planet,” says Dr. Coulter.

AESL has already begun to garner the attention of students who seek to lead positive change and make a real difference. “Motivated young people in particular want to have good careers as well as protect the environment and other species; AESL makes both possible,” adds Dr. Coulter. “It’s the distinct combination of knowledge and career-ready skill building that really sets this program apart and makes it so compelling. AESL will bring together driven, creative, and solutions-oriented students who want to help create a more sustainable and humane future.”

The program will open its classroom doors in September 2024 and begin delivering its unique offerings to students as they further develop as Leaders with Heart.

Learn more about Huron’s new AESL program

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