Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania

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Rania, an Accountancy student, shares what a week's worth of spending looks like in Montreal!

Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania

Rania is a third-year Accountancy student with a love of trying new things and eating good food. In fact, that's how she ended up in Accountancy after transferring from Biopharmaceuticals at another university — a curiosity for what the business world could hold.

A true Montrealer, she works at Concordia University as a Student Ambassador, helping new students see if Concordia is right for them. Let's check out what a week in her life (and wallet!) looks like.


Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
  • Woke up around 9 a.m. and ate a chocolate croissant for breakfast before catching the bus for my morning class.
  • Studied in the afternoon at the National Library and Archives of Quebec — it's beautiful, and only a few stops away from Concordia! I brought lunch from home so I didn't spend any money while downtown.


Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
  • I live in East Montreal, so studied at my local library all day without having to go far from home. I was raised in this beautiful, cold, sunny city of Montreal. I like that there's a blend of cultures and food with tons of stuff to do.
  • Took the bus to campus for my night class and got back late. My commute is straightforward, and the bus stops right in front of my house. I read, study, or listen to audiobooks on my way to and from school.


Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
  • Went downtown for a morning stroll along the Lachine Canal, which is just down the hill from Sir George Williams Campus. I have back-to-back classes today, so I need to breathe a bit in the morning (especially if it's a sunny day).
  • Spent all day in said back-to-back classes.


Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
  • Participated at Concordia's BUYPOC market with my sister (she's Concordia alumni). We sold her prints and other handicraft stuff. Market prep: $20
  • Spent the rest of the day studying at a café to change it up. Accountancy has a lot of studying involved, so I like to switch up my environments when I can. Café: $10


Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
  • Worked a shift as a Student Ambassador, giving tours to students and parents who visited campus. I've met a lot of new people through this job, and I get to answer questions about Montreal and Concordia from future students. It's also a great opportunity for my resumé!
  • Studied at Concordia's Webster Library. I like to change up my study spots because if I stay in one spot too much my productivity flies away.
  • Grabbed fried chicken with friends at Cali. Dinner: $27


Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
  • It's the weekend — time to catch up with friends for a study session and chill game night at home! It's important for me to reach an equilibrium in my life of being social and having activities that aren't focused on school.


Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
  • Stayed at home all day to catch up with my family. We all gather and eat delicious meals throughout the day, which is the perfect way to end my week.

Quick math

Let's total up some quick costs to see where we land overall. All values are given in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Annual school expenses

  • Tuition: $4,000
  • Textbooks: $700
  • Yearly total: $4,700

Monthly expenses

  • Rent: $0 (I live with my parents)
  • Utilities: $0
  • Phone bill: $30
  • Transportation: $58
  • Monthly total: $88

Weekly expenses (as described above)

  • Monday: $0
  • Tuesday: $0
  • Wednesday: $0
  • Thursday: $30
  • Friday: $27
  • Saturday: $0
  • Sunday: $0
  • Weekly total: $57


  • Work: $400/month
  • Bursaries: $5,000

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