Learning Beyond the Classroom at University of Northern British Columbia

Get more out of your degree with these experiential learning opportunities at UNBC!

 Learning Beyond the Classroom at University of Northern British Columbia

Do you want to get more out of your degree than simply going to and from classes? While you can learn a lot in your classes, being able to apply this knowledge to the real world will take your education a step further. Whether you’re interested in gaining valuable work experience, seeing your coursework applied in real life, studying in another country, or participating in research, University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) has plenty of opportunities available for you to boost your university experience.

Co-operative education

The UNBC co-operative education (co-op) program offers students the ability to gain practical, paid work experience while completing an undergraduate degree. UNBC Co-op students benefit from our welcoming and supportive environment through job readiness training and access to unique work experience opportunities, and can look forward to connecting with employers who are instrumental in helping UNBC Co-op students become agile, dynamic, and resilient professionals.

Why enroll in Co-op?

Students who enroll in co-op ensure they are ready for anything that comes their way — be it a summer job or a career after graduation. Studies show that students who graduate from undergraduate co-op programs experience higher employment rates, better self-reported occupation-to-field-of-study matches, and higher earnings.

Co-op students can benefit by:

  • participating in exclusive online pre-employment training,
  • gaining quality work experience in a variety of fields with multiple employers,
  • receiving competitive wages for their work, and
  • building their professional networks.

Additionally, UNBC co-op students specifically benefit from a centralized, one-stop-shop co-op office that works closely with employers, UNBC faculties, and other UNBC departments to ensure its students are given access to the training, and mentorship that will allow them to succeed, and quality co-op work term opportunities for them to succeed in!

Field schools

Imagine travelling to Guatemala and working with local Indigenous communities or building a robot in your class? How about engaging in a class simulation about the impacts of climate change? Across the university, field schools are specifically designed for you to apply your knowledge and reflect on your learning through experiences inside and outside the classroom.

We offer field schools in more than 17 programs! Take a look at some of your possibilities.

Study abroad

Explore the world while you study! Experience new independence with UNBC study abroad opportunities and grow your self-reliance and confidence. Become immersed in a new culture and broaden your personal and educational perspectives. See the world and make every day an adventure.

The UNBC Exchange Program offers current UNBC students a chance to travel and study at a foreign university for the cost of a semester’s tuition and fees. UNBC has partnership agreements with 34 institutions in 18 different countries and we add new schools and countries every year.

Interested in Northern Studies? UNBC is a member institution of the University of the Arctic, a cooperative network of universities, colleges, and other organizations committed to higher education and research in the north. Study at one of the partner institutions in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.


At UNBC, we’re big enough to offer the experience you want, yet small enough that you won't get lost in the crowd. One of the opportunities available to you as a student is our exceptional undergraduate and graduate learning and research opportunities. Did you know these fun facts about research at UNBC?

  • 1 of 4 original research-intensive Universities in B.C.
  • Participate in ground-breaking research as early as your first year.

If getting involved in research is something that interests you, then make sure to check out our listed research opportunities to get a better idea of what kinds of placements are available. You can also get a taste of the UNBC research world by exploring our research stories to hear about our faculty research in the news and undergraduate students’ experiences.

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