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6 New Year
Setting a New Year's resolution is traditional! Following through with it? Less so. Let's change that for 2023!
MPOWER Student Loans for International Graduate Students
Pursuing your master's or PhD in Canada or the USA? MPOWER Financing's loan tool can help.
Getting Ready for the Canadian Winter
Find out how you can enjoy your winter in Canada.
Life in Ottawa: A Student-Friendly Student Full of Opportunities
Learn what makes the nation's capital such a special place for students of all kinds!
5 Ways to Thrive in Grade 12: Looking Ahead at Your Next Steps
Networking, campus tours, open houses, and more: here's what you need to do to make your upcoming year a smashing success.
How to Open a Canadian Bank Account as an International Student
If you're planning on studying in Canada, you may want to consider getting a Canadian bank account.
CCUF Sneak Peek: Meet Some Exhibitors Before the Fair
Check out some of the schools you can expect to meet this November at a CCUF education fair!
How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Agents Abroad
Don't buy into an illusion. Some education agents are out to sell you a dream that may never come true.
4 Reasons to Attend a CCUF Education Fair
CCUF education fairs are back online this November! Make sure you register and attend so you can connect with your future school.
Tips for International Students Moving to St. John
Memorial University shares some tops tips on what you should consider when you move to St. John's, Newfoundland.
A Quick Guide to Relocating to Canada as an International Student
The Toronto School of Management shares their top tips on what you need to do before relocating to Canada.
Why You Should Choose Canada as an International Student
Some of the world's best universities (and the world's best people!) call Canada home. You could too!
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