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Canada Puts a Pause on Deportations Over Acceptance Letter Scam
Some international students were given fraudulent acceptance letters by education agents. Now Canada's pausing the deportation of these students.
Should You Live On- or Off-Campus?
This guide shares the advantages and disadvantages to living in residence or off-campus, if a roommate is for you, and how to find a place to live.
Immersive Learning: Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad
Get a global education, and polish up your resumé, by internationalizing your degree.
Getting Ready for Canada as an International Student
Useful tips and advice to help you prepare for your arrival in Canada.
Taking the IELTS in Toronto? Centennial Offers Options
Discover how Centennial College makes you feel comfortable and confident when taking the IELTS.
Hearing from International Students at York University: Unique Perspectives
Learn about how York's students accessed supports to help them reach their goals.
6 New Year
Setting a New Year's resolution is traditional! Following through with it? Less so. Let's change that for 2023!
Getting Ready for the Canadian Winter
Find out how you can enjoy your winter in Canada.
Life in Ottawa: A Student-Friendly Student Full of Opportunities
Learn what makes the nation's capital such a special place for students of all kinds!
5 Ways to Thrive in Grade 12: Looking Ahead at Your Next Steps
Networking, campus tours, open houses, and more: here's what you need to do to make your upcoming year a smashing success.
How to Open a Canadian Bank Account as an International Student
If you're planning on studying in Canada, you may want to consider getting a Canadian bank account.
CCUF Sneak Peek: Meet Some Exhibitors Before the Fair
Check out some of the schools you can expect to meet this November at a CCUF education fair!
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