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Summer in Canada for International Students: Studying, Working, and More
Options to consider for expanding your education through the summer break.
Find Guaranteed Paid Internships at Huron
At Huron University College, we want to give all of our students the chance to earn money and gain job experience while learning.
Life in Montreal as a Concordia Student
Discover why Montreal, Quebec is a top student destination.
6 Reasons Why You Should Study in Calgary, Canada
Calgary is a vibrant, affordable, and diverse city, with a lot to offer.
Virtual Events for International Students
How to make the most of virtual events at Canadian Universities.
Canada Welcoming More Than a Million Newcomers Over the Next Two Years
The Canadian government has announced the country will accept hundreds of thousands of new immigrants between 2022 and 2024.
How Your Family Can Join You Here in Canada
Having family members around can make your life as an international student a whole lot easier.
Applying to Laurier
Get ready to apply to Wilfrid Laurier University!
Listen to Destination Unboxed: Lakehead
Hear real international students talk about what matters most: school, work, food, and more!
How International Students Can Embrace Canada as Their New Home
Resources and advice for international students new to Canada and the University of Alberta.
Why I Chose Ontario Tech: An International Student Perspective
An international student shares what drove them to Ontario Tech University.
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