My Favourite Study Hacks

By Western University Modified on April 10, 2024
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A 4th-year Western University student shares their top tips on how to study for finals.

 My Favourite Study Hacks

This article was written by Sua Lee, a Western University student.

April is here, and you know what that means — impending deadlines, late-night study sessions, and the looming presence of finals. It’s time to share a collection of study hacks and apps that have transformed my study sessions into efficient and rewarding experiences. Join me on this journey to enhance your study habits!

Tip 1: Remove all distractions, especially your phone

The undeniable cost of interrupting focused work is a hurdle that we have all faced. One of my go-to strategies is to eliminate distractions, and that starts with limiting my screen time. Consider getting a good screen time app to manage your screen time. I use the Forest app because, unlike typical blockers, it motivates you to stay off your phone through gamified challenges you can play with friends. As you spend time away from your device, virtual trees grow in the app. Accumulated coins can be used to plant real trees in five African countries. There are countless others out there so find one that works for you.

Tip 2: Stay organized

Staying organized is the key to conquering the chaos of study sessions. Before diving into your study materials, take a peek at your class syllabus. Be aware of upcoming chapters, assignments, quizzes, and exams. Keep a written log of deadlines and pay close attention to emails from your professors.

To streamline my organizational efforts, I rely on the Notion app. By assigning different colours to each class, I created a visual roadmap of tasks and deadlines. I pinned the app on my laptop as well as my phone so that I can look at it multiple times a day.

Tip 3: Use flashcards

Flashcards are a classic yet incredibly effective study tool. I extract key concepts and terms from each chapter, ensuring that I understand the definitions in my own terms. The process involves writing them down, revisiting the concepts at intervals, and rewriting them periodically. It seems like a lot, but it really should only take 5 minutes each time. In most areas, you only need to know a few key concepts for the rest to "click.” I usually go for platforms like Quizlet or Anki, but there are a bunch of other apps available as well! Handwritten cards are great too!

As we prepare for finals, these study tips and apps have become my reliable allies. Experiment with these strategies and discover what works best for you, and soon you'll find yourself tackling your studies with newfound efficiency and focus. Happy studying!

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